Game of Thrones

Amanda Peet Says She Is Divorcing Her Husband Over ‘Games of Thrones’ Via YouTube

Amanda Peet is already a fairly famous actress, having appeared in numerous films over the years. But with the smash success of HBO’s Game of Thrones, she is inevitably becoming accustomed to having people ask her about her husband David Benioff, who just so happens to be the show’s executive producer.

While she claims to not have the inside scoop on any future spoilers, she did appear on Jimmy Kimmel Live! and say that the season five finale was making her consider divorcing her husband.

Spoilers ahead…. but seriously, it’s been months. 




Peet jokingly said about her husband, “I don’t love him anymore… If you kill [Jon Snow], that’s it.” Jon Snow was definitely stabbed to death (maybe?) by the Night’s Watch, prompting Peet to add, “I am in the process of getting divorced. Not kidding.” (note: she’s probably kidding.)

The ultimate fate of Jon Snow has been seriously debating by pretty much everyone, as GoT fanatics are seriously hoping the fan favorite somehow lives through his assassination. We wonder if there will be any more divorces over the death of Game of Thrones characters.