All The Hidden Details in the New ‘Silicon Valley’ Opening Sequence

Almost everything about HBO’s Silicon Valley is amazingly well done, but the Sim City style opening sequence, featuring the who’s-who of the tech world, is often overlooked.

At just 10 seconds long, it’s easy to miss. But the Silicon Valley intro packs a lot of details into those 10 seconds. When the show first made it’s debut, the into featured subtle nods to the collapses of Netscape and Napster, the shrinking of MySpace, and Apple’s new ‘UFO’ campus. It also featured Facebook taking over AOL’s space.

Season two upped the ante, adding an Uber air balloon taking flight and having Facebook swallow up game hardware company Oculus and messaging app WhatsApp. It also showcased the beginning of Yahoo! being taken over by the Alibaba Group. MySpace is basically gone, replaced by Twitter,

In the season three intro, which debuted Sunday following Game of Thrones, there are some new players in the game. Google’s building now falls under the branding of its new parent company Alphabet. Tesla Motors, the electric company founded by Elon Musk, now occupies the space where Apple’s smaller building used to sit. Uber has competition in the ride-sharing economy, as Lyft gets a hot air balloon of its own. And the Alibaba Group takeover of Yahoo! seems complete. To top everything off, Amazon delivery drones are buzzing around in the air.

And of course, the fictional Hooli maintains its market share and real estate space throughout every season of the show. Here’s the new intro:

Devon Taylor (@DevonTaylor113)

Devon Taylor (@DevonTaylor113)

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