Alfred Pennyworth Spinoff Series Casts Its Lead Role

Source: DC Comics

A new Alfred Pennyworth prequel series is in the works and they’ve now cast the lead role.

It was revealed to The Hollywood Reporter that Jack Bannon, who you may know from his role in The Imitation Game, will be cast as Alfred Pennyworth in the upcoming Batman spinoff series Pennyworth.

This series isn’t a Gotham prequel, but will focus rather on Alfred Pennyworth’s origin story. It will follow Alfred through his 20s, after having served as a British SAS soldier. After his time in the SAS Alfred forms a private security company, which eventually leads his path to cross with a young billionaire named Thomas Wayne in 1960s London. At the time of the show, Thomas Wayne has yet to father Bruce Wayne.
Source: IMDB

In Pennyworth, the official report says Alfred can be described as…

“a boyishly handsome, cheerful, charming, clever young man from London. Honest, open-faced and witty, people would never take him for an SAS killer. Alfred doesn’t know how to reconcile the kind-hearted boy he used to be with the cold, calculated killer he was forced to become. He’s a man on the make, who doesn’t know what to make of himself yet.”

Alongside Heller, Danny Cannon from Gotham will also be joining the production of the series, which will begin on October 22nd. Pennyworth will be the first DC TV Series on Epix, and is set to have a 10 episode order.

Do you think this is a good casting decision for Alfred? Let us know who you’d have picked in the comments section!

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Source: THR

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