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9 Reasons We’re All Going To Watch ‘Fuller House’

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We are getting so close to the premiere of Fuller House. If you grew up with the Tanner family, this is reason for giddiness. Full House has survived the test of time. After its unexpected cancellation in May of 1995, fans were never able to say farewell in a way that was right and honorable. The finale was a mish-mash, and so unsatisfactory. Now, we’re a mere month away from the reboot, set to debut on February 26, 2016. Man, woman, boy and girl: Netflix. Be there, or be square.

9. They Rebuilt The Set

Thinking about Fuller House, one had to imagine where the writers might go with living arrangements, geographic locations and whether they would shoot single camera on location, or stay true to the original and build out sets on sound stages. So it seems—judging by the first teasers—it’s the latter. This. Is. Crazy! Shows like this don’t exist anymore, and Netflix has the brass to say, “They do now!” Sure, there are a few shows that still exist and are offered on stages in front of studio audiences, but not on this scale. What people fail to realize is that the entire Full House set was on the floor of a sound stage. (Sorry if that spoils any thoughts the show was actually shot in that San Francisco home.) The fact that a team of set builders took the original blueprints to rebuild the set is worthy of commendation—and reason to tune in.

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8. We Need to Turn Our Brains Off

Generations X, Y, the lost generation between them and millennials need to turn off their brains. It’s time to remember something—a mindset, perhaps—that existed before cell phones and the constant need to be connected. Fuller House may offer the same amusement that Full House did. It was full of talent, wit, silliness, corn, cheese and terrible 1990s fads. Ideally, they’ll continue to pay homage to the original, while addressing the asininity we have to deal with on the daily. Yes, we can imagine there will be jokes about D.J. Tanner—who is recently widowed—dating, using Tinder/eHarmony. Whatever angle the writers come from, hopefully it’s a bit fluffy, well-focused, but slightly obtuse. And we wish the marketing team the best, because how do you decide on a key demographic for this show? Instead of sodas, dudes will be watching with beers while crushing on Candace Cameron.

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7. Guest Appearances

We’re guessing anything is possible for Fuller House. That includes guest appearances by any actor who played a character on Full House. Who would we love to see? Well, we know Scott Weinger (Scott) will be in the mix at some point. And there is still a faint hope that the Olsen twins may reprise the role of Michelle, even though it has been stated that it’s not happening. What about Jurnee Smollett? She played Michelle’s friend Denise. And Marla Sokolof—Stephanie’s poor peer influence, Gia? And then, of course, there’s the chance that the show will employ someone from the 1990s who is ripe for a comeback. Someone like Will Freidle from Boy Meets World. Or how about Jaleel White? There has to be a love interest for each of the girls. It’ll be very interesting to see the direction Netflix takes it.

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6. The Girls Are No Longer Girls

There was an incredible draw to Full House among prepubescent and teenage boys because the girls on the show grew to be quite attractive. Even Kimmy Gibbler—dare we admit it—was cute. And now everyone is grown up. And everyone, including Jodie Sweetin, who has dealt with some incredibly rough life chapters in real life, is aging exceptionally well. Candace Cameron Bure may take a lot of crap for being on the straight and narrow, but there’s something to be said about clean living. It’s for this reason that Netflix is aiming for original fans of the show as the demographic. Unlike a spin-off like Girl Meets World, which is catering to pre-teens/teens, Fuller House is committed to the women who are starring in it.

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5. The Potential Television Influence

Netflix has been bold with their original programming, and this may be one of the boldest moves yet. It is easy to get a little blue with subscriber-based offerings, but to pump out an entire season of something that will be a lot more wholesome than Orange Is The New Black or House of Cards is an immense business risk. If the show has been well executed, the huge risk will likely result in a huge reward. And a legacy piece like this may spark a trend in television production to find a new balance of classic and contemporary. At present, television is pretty vanilla, and not only regarding diversity. Fuller House being successful on Netflix will lure the major networks back in such a direction when considering new pilots and series pickups. What does all of that mean? More variety. And in the content-based world we now live, it’d be nice to see such spice and flavorful offerings on the big four.

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4. It Could Be a Train Wreck

We’d be completely biased if we didn’t offer a little risk assessment. This locomotive could come off the rails quickly. Everyone should be patient with the first episode, as this train needs a little time to leave the station. And people should set their expectations aside before the journey begins. However, if there is no promising lure by the third or fourth episode, it may become a runaway train that is destined to crash. The worst thing about a train crash…? Anything in its path will also be destroyed, killing other spin-offs from the 1980s/1990s, based on the failed potential of Fuller House. And that’s not just with Netflix. Networks are watching this move closely. So, if you hated/hate Full House, and are rooting for this show to fail, rethink that. It’s bigger than all of us!

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3. Any Potential D.J. Romances

What’s so great about any potential romantic story line between D.J. Tanner and a gentleman suitor? The inevitable comedy of errors led by Stephanie and Kimmy. Let’s rewind 20 years to Full House and remember all of D.J.’s romances. Stephanie and Kimmy always screwed things up. None better than the time they sneaked into Steve’s apartment because they thought he was cheating on Deej. A girl who turned out to be his cousin. The tonality will likely change—to a certain extent—but we gotta hope that there will be a few Three’s Company moments in Fuller House. If they’re gearing the show toward adult themes, and situations, but keeping it in the TV-PG range, there’s no reason that couldn’t fly in 2016.

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2. John Stamos is Royalty

John Stamos is killing it right now on Grandfathered, but he was also integral to the rebirth of the Full House franchise. John was instrumental in the survival of the original in the late 1980s. The producers wanted to cancel the show after the first season, but realized they had some mileage left and could get it out of John. His portrayal of Uncle Jesse was sitcom perfection during the era. And his love for the show, and his appreciation for the opportunity it offered him is what eventually led to the what happens on the 26th of February. Lest we forget, John was already a cool dude before Full House. Heck, he even drummed for the Beach Boys. As it stands, he is the only adult from Full House who is slated for more than one episode in season one of Fuller House. We’re ready… Have. Mercy.

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1. Lori Loughlin Hasn’t Aged

This may seem like a strange #1, but how can we not offer a nod, and take a knee before the greatest thing that came from Full House: Aunt Becky. Lori Loughlin was almost too hot for the show. They really made her up to fit the sitcom vibe, but there was no denying how downright sexy she was. So it worked that they paired her with John Stamos, who is also downright sexy. Now, 20 years later, Lori Loughlin is 51 years old, but she remains the envy of 25-year-olds everywhere. Men and women. Women want to be her. Men want to be with her. Before this dissolves into something warranting a restraining order, we’ll gravitate toward Lori’s talent. She has always been underutilized as an actress. She has enjoyed consistent work, but it’d be nice to see her on a cable series with a sharper edge.

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