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9 Comic Book Characters We Want To See In Season Six of The Walking Dead,manual Via

The Walking Dead exists in two parallel universes. There is the hit television show on AMC and then there is the original source material, the monthly comic book by Robert Kirkman. While Rick Grimes is the main character in each version, they plotlines travel down different (although similar) paths. Some characters don’t exist in the show. Some are dead in the comics but not the show, and vice versa. As zombie fans anxiously await the start of season six, we took a look at some of the faces that haven’t appeared on television yet. It should go without saying, but this article is likely to contain spoilers for both the show and the comic.

9. Gregory

Gregory is the leader of the Hilltop, a community of survivors similar to Alexandria. At first he seems like a great guy and an excellent leader. However, we soon learn that there is another side of him. He is selfish, cowardly, and even kind of creepy when it comes to hitting on females in the group. Still, the Hilltop is an established community and a vital trading partner for Alexandria. Gregory is in charge of it, no matter how ulterior his motivations. Via

8. Heath

This one is happening for sure, as actor Corey Hawkins has already been cast to play Heath in the television show. Heath is a resident of Alexandria and reliable errand boy in all areas. He was initially a supply runner and later developed a relationship with Denise (who also hasn’t appeared on the show yet), one of the doctors in the community. The unfortunate part is that many people who get close to him end up dead, which will be bad news for the current cast members. Via

7. Earl Sutton

Earl Sutton isn’t a major player in the comic yet, but we think he was incredible potential. He is a a member of the Hilltop and works as their blacksmith, forging tools and weapons. At one point in the comics, Carl Grimes even becomes his apprentice. His true involvement might not come into play until seasons seven or eight, but we still think we would make a good addition to the show. Expect his role to be small at first, but gradually get larger as the series goes on. Via WalkingDead Wikia

6. Ezekiel

King Ezekiel is perhaps the most eccentric character in The Walking Dead comics. He leads a community known as The Kingdom, which becomes one of the three main survivor settlements, along with the Hilltop and Alexandria. At one point during the comics, Ezekiel even starts a romantic relationship with Michonne, the no-nonsense zombie slayer we already know and love on the show. And of course, if Ezekiel makes an appearance on the show, so does the next character on our list.,manual Via

5. Shiva

Shiva is Ezekiel’s pet tiger. Yes, there’s a tiger in The Walking Dead comics. Turns out King Ezekiel was actually a zoo employee before the dead started reanimating and searching for human flesh to eat. The two became companions at a local Washinton, D.C. zoo. When things got ugly, Ezekiel brought Shiva along with him and she stayed loyal. She is used as both intimidation and protection. How awesome would it be to see a tiger take on a pack of walkers?’s_Last_Stand.jpg Via WalkingDead Wikia

4. Dwight and Sherry

Dwight is an interesting character. He was a member of The Saviors, but a reluctant one. He only stayed out of fear after Negan stole his wife, Sherry, and took a hot clothing iron to the side of his face for having the audacity to be upset over it. After killing a few members of Rick’s crew, he flips sides and helps take Negan down. Despite that, Rick never full trusts him and it creates serious tension in almost every comic panel he is in. If the show could recreate that dynamic, it would be amazing. Via WalkingDead Wikia

3. Jesus

Paul Monroe, more commonly known as Jesus due to his physical resemblance, was a member of the Hilltop community run by Gregory. Like most other new people that Rick meets, there was a mistrust between them at first. Rick soon learns that Jesus is extremely smart and incredibly skilled. Before long, Jesus becomes Rick’s right hand man and helps the people of Alexandria in the war against the Saviors. Although Daryl Dixon occupies the second-in-command spot on the show, the addition of Jesus would be awesome. Via

2. Negan

If you thought The Governor was a truly evil bad guy, just wait until Negan hits the television screens. This foul-mouthed leader of the gang that call themselves ‘The Saviors’ brings zombie apocalypse ruthlessness to a whole new level. We wears a leather jacket and drops more F-bombs than a Tarantino movie marathon. He keeps a harem of women and rules with an iron fist (and sometimes just an actual iron. You’ll find out, trust us). He is hands down the most-anticipated character for the television series. So why is he not at #1? Well, there’s one “character” that might be even more important. Via

1. Lucile

Lucile is not a person, but she holds great importance. Comic readers will know that Lucile is actually Negan’s weapon of choice, a Louisville slugger wrapped in barbed wire. He speaks about Lucile as if she was a real person, saying she is “thirsty” whenever he feels the onset of some blood lust. He uses her to kill both walkers and any humans that are in his way. He becomes enraged when Carl shoots her, and demands that Rick sacrifice his only son as payback. When Negan is eventually defeated, Dwight takes possession of Lucile. Via
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