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Have you had a sit down with the new Fox sitcom The Grinder yet? It’s worth your while. No. We’re not paid to say that. We are genuinely concerned about your television watching habits, and empathize with your struggle to find quality content amongst the thousands of shows on the air. In some ways, we’re all still suffering from the 2007-08 writers’ strike if relegated to “free” TV. That said, there are a few gems available, and The Grinder is one of them. Here are eight great reasons to check out the show!

8. It’s Called The Grinder

Imagine every pun you could develop using the word grinder. The writing team is putting them to use. This begins with the fact Rob Lowe’s character—who’s an actor—once played a lawyer on a TV drama whose last name was Grinder. And even playing his “real life” character, Dean Sanderson, he still relies on the mojo of Grinder in order to get through his day to day. It is one of the best/worst legal puns ever offered in the realm of entertainment. It gets a lot of mileage in the first several episodes, and we only imagine they’ll let that seed blossom into some ripe fruit in future episodes, and seasons. As it stands, the play on words is effective, and it’s nice to see the writers flip the script on the legal dramas that are seemingly on every network, 24/7. Source:

7. Near Limitless Story Possibilities

The first season of The Grinder addresses several episodes of the show within the show (also The Grinder). According to what you learn in the first few episodes, the fictitious Grinder ran for several seasons. Therefore the writers could go in any direction they desire: holiday parallels, relational parallels, murder cases—okay, no murder cases. It will be interesting to see where they take the overarching story after beginning the first season with fastballs. If the show holds true to form, it will endure a few curves in the second and third season and employ new characters. And at some point A-listers will likely start making guest appearances, which will take it to the next level. Let’s all clasp our hands in hopes that Josh Saviano—Paul Pfeiffer on The Wonder Years, now a legitimate, real life attorney—will make an appearance as Fred Savage’s old law school roommate. Source:

6. Cast With Instant Chemistry

Tonality is a big deal when putting a cast together and hoping for excellent results. You can have the most talented writers in the world, but if the actors aren’t getting it, and they don’t seem to be on the same page tonally, you get something like…Emily’s Reasons Why Not. But the cast of The Grinder is no joke. They weren’t messing around when it came to securing some veteran talent, and fresh faces with some serious chops. The comfort factor among cast members is what allows an audience to really jump into the world of the characters and go for a ride. If the actors seem a little apprehensive in the mix of the story telling, a potential audience member will quickly change the station. And it doesn’t hurt that the show is anchored by two guys who are some of the most charming to ever grace the small screen. Source:

5. It’s Amusingly Fluffy

It’s necessary to have a few “check-out” moments in your week to week. Those moments when you can disengage from caring about work, school, how your ultimate frisbee team could be so much better… Life is tough. So, we’re thankful for things like The Grinder, because it’s easy. It’s easy on the heart, the eyes, the brain cells, yet it is full of wit and legitimate comedy. It’s not a show reliant on a laugh track, or full of humor about scientific equations and nerd speak, if you’re picking up what we’re laying down. It’s a show that won’t insult your intelligence. And yet it is full of seemingly obtuse humor and dull-witted understanding, which in actuality is acutely refined. All that is to say: it’s real comedy. The episodes being a quick 22-23 minutes also make it very binge worthy. Source:

4. Rob Lowe Playing Oblivious

Call upon your short-term memory, and think back to the Rob Lowe DirecTV commercials. Rob Lowe with cable vs. Rob Lowe with DirecTV? Remember those? The Grinder features a Rob Lowe who dials that up about 10 times, and he roots the character in such a world of genuine delusion, nearly everything he does is worthy of a chuckle. The beauty of this scenario, and Rob’s character work, is the fact that only the best actors can really pull this off. It takes incredible smarts to play dumb. With Rob, we’re well aware that he is legendary for many reasons, including the “original” leaked sex tape. But even that—at a time when such could destroy a career instead of make one (we’re looking at you, Kim Kardashian)—he used his smarts, and charm to spin it. That’s The Grinder. Source:

3. The Timothy Olyphant Story Line

While much more of a family man in his personal life, Timothy Olyphant fits the role of the slick, silver-tongued devil so well that most imagine him to be like that in real life. And that’s just the type of character he gets to play on The Grinder as the actor who replaces Dean Sanderson (Rob Lowe) on the fictional series within the series, also called The Grinder, as the character of Rake Grinder. It’s nice to see Tim flex his funny bone, because he has great skills in the land of make believe. At first it seemed as though he was just a guest appearance, but he looks to be sticking around long-term. Source:

2. Natalie Morales

Sweet Morales! No. We’re not talking Natalie Morales-Rhodes from NBC’s Today Show, we’re talking the lava hot actress who did her time on Parks and Recreation. She comes with a spice akin to the legendary musical theater character, Diana Morales from A Chorus Line. They can both melt some ice-cream, if you know what we’re sayin’. Natalie plays attorney Claire Lacoste, whose wit and IQ are perfectly juxtaposed in any scene with Rob Lowe. The disconnect is a rich comedy of errors that is promising to heat up as Fox orders more episodes. Source:

1. Fred Savage Is Television Gold

You know? Maybe Fred isn’t television gold. He’s he’s a television gem—a diamond. Regardless of the metaphor, Fred shines brightly when the cameras are rolling. It really doesn’t matter what he’s doing. Back in the day he did a couple of movies that really lacked in the script area (think The Wizard…. “Caaaalifornnia…”), but he always brought the thunder. He’s a charmer. The Grinder served as a perfect vehicle for Fred to refocus on his life as an actor. He is long departed from the popular Kevin Arnold references, so he was able to step into the role of Stewart Sanderson without people wondering what has happened since The Wonder Years. But for those who are curious, Fred did a lot of directing, and we’d imagine he’s a great director to work with/for. Source:
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