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With season six of The Walking Dead scheduled for October 2015, fans are already looking forward to what will be an exciting season, especially after an action packed season five. From the crazy premiere in Terminus, to Gabriel’s church, to the encounter with Gareth, to the hospital, to wandering to Washington, to meeting Aaron before finally reaching Alexandria, a lot of things happened to Rick and his entourage this past season. And that’s not even including the deaths of Beth and Noah!

And based on the trailer for the new season, we can expect another intriguing season as Rick, Carol and more seek to consolidate the power in Alexandria. Here are ten reasons to be excited about the new season.

10. More Abraham

In the comics, Abraham spends a lot of time as Rick’s right hand man. Of course, in the show that job belongs to Daryl Dixon. But the former U.S. Army sergeant has only scratched the surface of his character when it comes to his on-screen portrayal. Known for being incredibly tough and brave, almost to a fault, we can expect him to take more responsibility for dangerous tasks in the coming season. Of course, he is also prone to outbursts of rage when his temper flares, which could put himself or others in danger.


9. Crazy Rick?

At the end of season five, Rick was waving a gun around at the people of Alexandria and going on a crazy rant about how they needed him, because they didn’t know what it was really like outside the safety of their walls. While he may have a point, the naive people in the community only saw a blood-soaked crazy person taking over their slice of tranquility. Will Rick dive even further down the rabbit hole as he attempts to do whatever it takes to keep his family and friends safe?

8. Heath

Heath! We’ve been waiting for you! A popular and important comic book character, Heath is a brand new edition to season six of The Walking Dead. Played by Corey Hawkins (you might recognize him from his role as Dr. Dre in this past summer’s smash N.W.A. docu-drama Straight Outta Compton), Heath is kind of like Alexandria’s Glenn — he’s the go-to guy for making supply runs outside the walls. It’s a dangerous job, but an important one. Comic book Heath was always quick to play devil’s advocate, and point out the flaws in plans and the people who thought of them. If TV show Heath follows the same path, it will likely create a lot of tension among the survivors who blindly follow Rick.


7. The Wolves

Season five slowly introduced The Wolves when we saw those random walkers with the letter W on their heads, before finally seeing actual members in the season finale. And when we saw the daunting and cold-blooded wolf who approaches Morgan, we get an idea that these aren’t your regular antagonists. They seem to know what they’re doing (storing dozens of walkers in a truck as a trap?) and gaining access to pictures of Alexandria, their next destination is all but certain.

But there’s still so much ambiguity about them—What is their goal? Do they have a camp? How many members could they have? Do they have a leader? Many of these questions are likely to be answered in the upcoming season.,manual Source:

6. Multiple Threats

By the end of last season, one thing was for sure—The Wolves would be a big threat in season six. However, according to showrunner Scott M. Gimple, there’s more than just The Wolves with multiple threats in season six:

“There are multiple threats, even in the first half of the season. And sort of different versions of threats we’ve seen before. The first three episodes are quite intense, and the cast and crew are—we just shot them out of a cannon directly into another cannon that we shot them out of again.”

This makes things even more intriguing. Where could the threats come from? Walkers? Though that would only be natural, especially based on the trailer. Within Alexandria? Someone not connected to The Wolves? What’s certain is that Rick and company will have a lot to manage. Source:

5. New Faces

Even though The Walking Dead is the highest-rated show on television, it still gets stick from some viewers as being bland or boring. While that is extremely harsh, given the nature of the show, to some extent, it does get a bit repetitive seeing the same faces each episode.

Things improved towards the end of last season with the introduction of Alexandria, and it should improve even more this upcoming season as more Alexandria residents will be in the spotlight, as well as The Wolves.

It’s always interesting to see Rick’s group encounter new people, so this is something to look forward to. Source:

4. Morgan and Rick’s Relationship

Before this upcoming season, we only saw Morgan in a couple of cameos, but the general impression was that he and Rick had some sort of a mutual respect for each other. After all, they both know that they’re good people and can survive in this new world. Morgan’s arrival at Alexandria should be a positive thing, but it doesn’t seem that way based on the trailer or even the last line of last season (“Rick?”).

Morgan spoke in the finale about why he saved Daryl and Aaron from the walkers, stating that “all life is precious now,” and seeing Rick kill Pete may be the first stage of them being at odds.

Morgan and Rick also seem to be in conflict throughout the season with the former saying, “I know Rick. I can stop him. We have to,” while it also looks like he’s threatening Rick to leave Alexandria (2:49) in the trailer.

With what looks like Deanna and the rest of the Alexandria residents choosing Morgan as their leader, it’s certainly going to be interesting what comes off this divide. Source:

3. The Aftermath of Pete’s Death

Jessie’s husband, Pete, became the main antagonist towards the end of last season, as his actions ultimately led to his death via a Rick gunshot. And while he was a bad husband and bad father, he was still a husband and father.

Based on the trailer, Jessie doesn’t look relieved or happy at all (though that could also be due to other circumstances), while it’s easy to forget that she has more than one son. The elder son, Ron, doesn’t seem happy with Rick killing his father and could play a big role this season, siding his mom against Rick.

In the trailer, we see him running before being tackled by what looks to be Rick, while he is also seen telling his mother that Rick is dangerous. Perhaps he is one of the multiple threats we’ll be seeing this season? Source:

2. Enid

We first met Enid last season when Carl was introduced to her. Silent, usually reserved, and someone who likes to sneak out to explore the woods, it looks like this mysterious Alexandria resident will be in a lot of trouble this upcoming season.

Seen entering the gates all dirty, hiding in the woods, and trapped in a car covered with blood, Enid may have taken one trek too many. However, an interesting theory which is plausible is that it’s a flashback of her life before she entered Alexandria, possibly explaining why she is so silent and reserved.

Whatever it is, it definitely seems dark and is something to look forward to, as she is an intriguing character. Source:

1. Daryl and Aaron’s Recruiting Adventures

When Aaron suggested that Daryl should be his fellow recruiter for Alexandria, it seemed like the perfect idea. In his few appearances, Aaron already became a likeable character, and with Daryl on his side, the duo could be in for some cool adventures this season.

However, in the trailer, it looks like they both get in or experience a lot of trouble. Aaron, particularly, looks really distressed in the trailer, potentially signaling something bad happening to him (or maybe his lover, Eric?).

Daryl, on the other hand, looks to be on the verge of death, as he is shown with his hands tied and a gun pointed to his head by a bunch of strangers. He says “I ain’t who you think I am” as well, adding to the intrigue of what might happen to him. Could it really be the end of Daryl? Surely not… Source: