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6 Reasons To Get Excited About Series 9 Of ‘Doctor Who’ Source:

If you haven’t watched the entire eighth series of Doctor Who… what are you waiting for? You still have a few hours to catch up and jump on board with the rest of us on Saturday! That being said, the list below does contain some spoilers, so stop reading and get to watching.

Series eight was all about the truth and the lies we tell to keep people safe. The Doctor said it himself, “Never trust a hug. It’s just a way to hide your face.” We left Clara and the Doctor in a café telling lies to each other to keep the other one safe. Lies and Cybermen aside, the new series is about to begin!

The time is almost here to join the twelfth Doctor as his unseen companion! If that thought alone isn’t enough to get you glued to your television, here are six more reasons that will hopefully convince you to join us. Watch the trailer for series nine to get in the timey-wimey loop.

6) New Creatures!

Get set for some new alien shenanigans. From the trailer alone we can see that this series is going to be pretty creature heavy. This is exciting as we are introduced to a whole new lineup fantastic and creepy aliens. Adding new and different creatures enriches the fabric of the Doctor Who universe and adds a much-needed depth to the viewing experience that has been arguably formulaic of late. Nonetheless, this leaves us wondering if maybe one of these new alien species will rise as the new antagonist(s) usurping more classic baddies like the Dalek or the Cybermen. Source: YouTube

5) The Return of Missy

At the end of the eighth series the Master was blasted by Cyber-Danny and seemingly died. However, according to the trailer Missy or the Mistress is back. Michelle Gomez’s portrayal of the deadly time lady has breathed new life into the recurring character. It is interesting that Missy and Clara appear to be teaming up for the first episode of the new series. However, devoted Whovians know that where there is the Master/Mistress there can only be global calamity and death. Source:

4) Farewell Clara…

It has just been announced that this series will be Coleman’s last. Let the speculation begin! The Doctor’s last companions were trapped in an alternate reality and eventually died there. However, as a viewer this happened in moments, and not nice happy montage-worthy moments, just boom tombstone. Will the showrunners continue with this pattern and kill Clara, uniting her with Danny? Perhaps there is a happy ending in store for soufflé girl? Only time will tell. Source:

3) Maisie Williams

Maisie is coming, to Doctor Who that is. Maisie Williams, better known as Arya Stark from HBO’s Game of Thrones, has been cast in a recurring role in series nine. While none of us are exactly sure what role Williams will be playing in this series, Steven Moffat (writer/producer) described her role as “cosmic.” The internet is full of rumors and speculation as to the role she will be playing; some fans think that she will be a character from classic Who, and their running theory is Susan. Given that much of what we’ve seen in the trailer regarding characters appears to be new, it could be said that her character will be new to the Who universe. Source:

2) The Doctor – Peter Capaldi

Peter Capaldi is really rocking as the twelfth Doctor; literally, he has a guitar. Last season proved one thing: the “boyfriend” Doctor is gone. Yay! After six seasons the Doctor has finally stopped being romantically interested in his companions and started being interested in the world’s and times he travels. Last season reminded us that the Doctor is actually an alien. It will be interesting to see what other characteristics and quirks our new Doctor has up the sleeves of his magician’s coat in series nine. Source: YouTube

1) River Song!

Your Christmas wish has just come true. It has just been confirmed that Alex Kingston will reprise her role as the clever and saucy River Song for this year’s Christmas special! Filming of the special is set to begin this month. Source:
Courtney MacDonald

Courtney MacDonald