He’s alive! The viewers-only audience rejoices as the viewer-reader audience is likely snickering amongst themselves and being entirely too tempted to spoil things for them. Before we get too happy, Glenn’s brush with un-death has left some unresolved issues in The Walking Dead world… issues for those who enjoy the following: splitting hairs, overthinking, finding the real science in fake science, and those who enjoy nothing more than finding plot holes. It has to be the gift and the curse of having such an active and engaged fan base; it submerges the audience in the world created and with it comes passion and emotional connections, a feat unheard of for anything involving zombies. So let’s nit-pick!

**Warning: This article contains spoilers. Consider yourself warned**

5. Glenn’s survival forces questions about how Rick survived the RV.

Remember when we thought Rick was going to be killed or eaten? He was in the RV, the Wolves that had escaped Alexandria had the drop on him and stole a gun. In true Rick fashion, he’s able to fight them all off and plug them full of bullets before inadvertently shooting up the R.V. and rendering that useless. He also had that big cut on his hand and was quickly surrounded by walkers, only to, somehow, end up sprinting back to Alexandria alone and unbitten?! How? The mysterious injury turned out to not be a walker somehow and his process of survival was brushed over. There have been other survivals in past seasons that defied the odds but you don’t get two in one season. To have the main character escape without explanation is very unusual for TWD.

4. It gives a sense of security to Rick’s group.

Before, there were two guarantees in television: Game of Thrones kills main characters and The Walking Dead kills main characters. Glenn’s survival puts TWD’s place in that guarantee into question, now that no one from the core group that travels with Rick has been offed since Tyreese. The combination of Rick surviving just because and Glenn being the luckiest guy in the zombie apocalypse, it gives the audience a sense of entitlement that main characters are going to keep surviving from now on. That uncertainty was one of the best parts of past seasons; that no one was safe and the audience had to feel it. Pending a dramatic turn in the episodes remaining in the season, the nervous tension of that lurking possibility that this could be the episode you lose a favorite character might be gone.

3. Glenn and Enid have too many uninterrupted conversations.

There was a giant, enormous herd of walkers in that area only a day or two ago. Glenn gets up, finds Enid and they can have several lengthy discussions at a normal volume without seeing a single solitary walker? For reals? They’re able to yell from the roof to the ground, the ground to the roof, walk around the open road, debating why they’re helping each other or whatever, instead of just leaving Enid to fend for herself because that’s clearly what she’d rather be doing. Not to mention filling up all of those balloons before releasing them with no interruption at all. Well, that must be nice. Seemed that the only way to get that kind of separation from the walkers was to be inside the walls in Alexandria. But luck seems to follow Glenn at the moment so that could just be part of the new deal now.


2. Glenn is invisible so long as there’s a body on top of him?

So that douchebag Nicholas still manages to suck even after his death by falling into Glenn and forcing him to the ground as well. The audience has to assume that Glenn is dead meat (pun intended). The walkers converge on the freshly dead and start tearing him to shreds but it was cleverly shot so that it looked like Glenn was getting eaten too because of the blood and the screaming. Going by the rules that the world of TWD has previously set up, the walkers just go into a frenzy when they find live flesh. They go after it with extreme determination. As strictly a numbers thing, how could it be that no other surrounding walker that couldn’t manage to get a hand on any fillet of Nicholas, didn’t take any notice of Glenn until he was already under the dumpster? He was surrounded! At the very least he should’ve been scratched. The biggest miracle of all was that the walkers lost interest for some reason, and moved on, allowing him to get up and be on his way.

1. It opens up the chance for a way worse way for Glenn to die

If it’s decided that TV Glenn has to die, and it’s in any way similar to how he goes in the comics, there will be noticeable heartbreak among the viewers-only fans at work on the following Monday. The casting announcement of Negan and the speculation that he’ll be making his first appearance in the season finale opens up for that scenario to be a very real possibility. As devastated as the audience was at the probability of Glenn meeting his end by a ravenous pack of the stray walkers because he was silly enough to still have faith in Nicholas (who is, let’s face it, just the worst), the viewers-only audience will really be in for a tailspin if the comic and the show decide to play out the same way. The devastation would be severe.