10 Reasons ‘Hunter X Hunter’ Should Be Your Favorite Anime Source:

Anime is as hot as ever. From Naruto and One Punch Man to Code GeassBleach, Death Note and more, there is a wide range of anime for all sorts of fans. Shounen anime is the most popular without a doubt, and while some fans are getting tired of the monotonous nature of these shows, there is one show that is completely unique, and that’s Hunter X Hunter. Here are 10 reasons you should watch one of the most popular and highly regarded shows in recent times.

10. The Main Character, Gon Freecss

It’s hard not to like Gon. He’s an innocent young boy with an infectious enthusiasm who is curious about the world and, more particularly, what it takes to be a hunter. After all, his father abandoned him with his aunt to become one, and rather than be angry at him Gon wants to be a hunter himself to see what all the fuss is about, along with finally meeting his father. Source:

9. The Show Gets Progressively Darker

Don’t think Gon will remain cheerful for long. It’s a dangerous world with a lot of dangerous people all with their own motives. Gon will have experiences he would have never imagined and even a personality shift at times. This show might seem a bit “kiddy” at first, but by the time you finish it, you’ll be amazed at how the anime progressively took a dark turn. Source:

8. Likeable Supporting Cast

Luckily for Gon, he’s in good company. The three other main characters in the show—Killua, Kurapika and Leorio—all meet Gon at the Hunter exam, and they proceed to become best friends. All of them are likeable in their own way and have different long-term goals in the show, leading to some interesting storylines. Source:

7. Focus on Main Characters Can Change

Just because there are four main characters doesn’t mean we always see them together. As mentioned before, because all these characters have different goals it leads to various storylines. For example, there are many arcs which don’t feature Leorio or Kurapika, while the current story in the manga doesn’t feature Killua or Gon. It’s a testament to how big this whole world is and how fleshed out the main characters are that not all of them need to be present for a particular arc. Source:

6. Wide Range of Characters All Located in Various Parts of the Hunter Universe

The Hunter universe is huge, with many parts still unexplored. We are introduced to all kinds of characters—good, evil and neutral—which lead to many satisfying interactions and confrontations. From assassins to dangerous magicians to gangs of thieves, there are a whole lot of different characters which make this world so unique. Source:

5. The Powers of Characters Actually Make Sense and Are Logical

Unlike other shows where the main character is always overpowered, this show isn’t like that at all. For one, Gon loses his fair share of high profile fights. And along with this, Hunter X Hunter probably has the best power/combat system in anime today. Nen is the basis of every character’s power and it actually is logical and makes sense. Because of the wide scope that Nen encompasses, it leads to some really cool and unique powers, but not only that—it means that a weaker guy can beat a stronger guy by outsmarting them. Source:

4. It’s Hard to Even Hate the Antagonists

This show has its fair share of bad guys, but they are written so well that you can’t help but admire them. Some of them are morally grey, sometimes leading us to be confused about who we want to win in a fight. It simply speaks volumes about this show that we might end up rooting for a character who eats humans and has absolutely no remorse, for example. Source: YouTube

3. Lots of Brutal Kills and Moments

Again, if you saw the first two or three episodes of this sho, you may think it’s “kiddy,” but don’t be surprised to see some really shocking and brutal moments. Arms getting broken or severed, beheadings, throat-slitting or simply a character’s face getting beat up to a pulp—this show has a bit of everything when it comes to the brutality factor. Source:

2. There’s Plenty of Comic Relief

From reading this article you may think this show is entirely dark, but if that’s a turnoff for you, hold on! There is plenty of comic relief in this show to balance out the dark moments. Most of them are supplied by one of the main characters in Leorio, who we’re sure you’ll end up becoming a fan of. Source:

1. You’ll Definitely Cry Watching This Show

If you think an anime won’t make you cry, this show will definitely give you a run for your money. There are plenty of emotional moments and even deaths that will get you wondering whether someone is cutting onions in your room. If you’re stronger than that, you’ll definitely cry regardless—because the show is far from done story-wise, but the creator, Yoshihiro Togashi tends to take a LOT of hiatuses, meaning it might be a few years before we get more content, at least in television format. Source: