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10 Questions From ‘The Walking Dead’ Season 6 With One Episode Left


Okay, when we say one episode left, we obviously mean that there is only 60 more minutes of The Walking Dead left in 2015. Then the unbearably long mid-season break, which shouldn’t even be a thing.

So before our priorities shift from zombie drama to holiday cheer, we want to talk about everything that has happened (or might happen) before AMC tortures us with the inevitable cliffhanger. Be aware that this article will contain television spoilers, comic spoilers, potential television spoilers, unfounded speculation, nonsensical predictions, and various other things that could ruin your viewing experience if you like to watch your Walking Dead completely free out outside influence.

Here are the questions burning in our minds.

10. Will Alexandria survive?

Alexandria is in bad shape. They were already surrounded by a hoard of walkers when the plan to relocate the undead population of the quarry goes array. But the walls were holding up, and Rick continued to fortify them until they could come up with a better plan. All that went to hell when the watch tower toppled over, presumably under the pressure of the walkers. It took out a huge section of the wall and walkers started pouring into the streets of Alexandria. We expect many causalities in the mid-season finale, but will the entire town be one of them?


9. Will Enid survive?

Enid has apparently decided that life is not worth living, so she ran away to… just live by herself. Or something. Her motivations aren’t really clear. But her decision making is definitely questionable. Now that Glenn has been proven alive (yay!), he and Enid are tasked with somehow getting through the walker hoard that surrounds Alexandria and rejoining the group. Of course, since there’s a giant hole in the wall now, that task is both more doable and more dangerous now.


8. The Judith problem

This week’s episode reminded us that Judith is still around, and is definitely a concern. Various characters take turns watching over her, although strangely enough, her own father, Rick, never seems to be among them. In the comics, Judith is tragically killed when the Governor raids the prison. While it’s always a tough decision to kill a baby in fiction, at least the comic characters aren’t weighed down by a needy infant. We doubt AMC will show the death of a baby on TV, but we willing to relegate Jessie to the role of glorified babysitter/step-mom?


7. Will Father Gabriel ever not suck?

At this point, the character of Father Gabriel is a waste of screen time. Rick doesn’t plan on forgiving him or letting him be useful in any way. He just mopes around, not minding his own damn business, and organizing prayer circles. We’re holding out a sliver of hope that the writers have some sort of redemption story for Gabriel. Maybe he can finally embrace reality and abandon the God that has clearly abandoned Earth. But probably not. In the comics, Gabriel is surprisingly also still alive, doing the same thing as television Gabriel — existing in the background and not serving a purpose.


6. Will there be any more Saviors?

Dwight is here! Whether he will be confirmed as a member of the Saviors or not, we’re not sure. After all, the comics and the show do exist in a kind of parallel universes, where small but important differences exist. If the mid-season finale does want to hint at the next major conflict for the Alexandrians, perhaps we will see more of Negan’s merry gang of savages. Via

5. Can Morgan survive?

Morgan may be the beacon of non-violence and humanity and a violent and inhumane world, but that’s not necessarily a good thing. If Rick Grimes has proven nothing else, it’s that you can only survive in that world if you are willing and able to make the hard decisions. Morgan might not be strong enough for that world. Carol has already shown she has the stomach to take out anyone who is a liability to the bigger group. Rick would almost certainly side with her, despite his previous relationship with Morgan. To even further dampen the sky over Morgan, the comic book version of the character dies when walkers over run Alexandria, which is about to happen.


4. What happens to the Wolf?

The Wolves: the once mysterious and dangerous story arc that was hastily shoved aside and considered finished after about a dozen people with knives invaded a community of people with guns. It ended poorly for them and we remain unsatisfied with the conclusion of their story. But maybe it’s not over. Morgan still has one as his prisoner. Additionally, Rick mentions that the few Wolves who escaped tried to kill him as he fled the RV. Did any of them survive their encounter with Rick?

Even more pressing, will Morgan’s secret prisoner become a problem? Carol already suspects it and no one messes with Carol and lives.


3. Where the hell are Daryl, Sasha, and Abraham?

So they were supposed to be leading half the herd away from Alexandria when they were attacked by a random group of strangers. In the chaos that followed, Daryl was captured, then freed himself, then saved his kidnappers, and then let himself be robbed by them. Sasha and Abraham, meanwhile, are staying put with the assumption that Daryl will eventually return to look for them. Will all three of them make it back to Alexandria? Seems doubtful, especially with the introduction of Dwight.


2. What are Ron’s plans for those bullets?

After a touching step-father/step-son moment between Rick and Ron (and step-brother Carl) that involves firearm training, Ron seems very eager to fire real bullets. When Rick shoots that idea down, Ron proceeds to break into the armory and steal ammunition for the gun that Rick let him hold on to. Ron seems the be angry teenager who is mad at everyone. He’s mad at Carl for driving Enid away. He’s mad at Rick for killing his dad. Actually, those are good reasons. Ron’s got ulterior motives, man.


1. Will Negan show up?

The popular rumor is that Negan, now confirmed to be played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan, will make his first appearance in the Season Six finale. But that’s going to be some time next spring. We would certainly love a glimpse of what we think we will be the best bad guy in Walking Dead history before that, though. The smart money would be that Negan does not appear in the mid-season finale, but that doesn’t mean there won’t be hints of his imminent arrival. Source:
Devon Taylor (@DevonTaylor113)

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