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Wheel of Fortune is the longest-running syndicated game show in the United States, with over 6,000 episodes to its credit since it first started airing in 1975. That translates to 40 years of puzzle-solving and in that time there have been many miraculous solves…and a whole lot of cringe-worthy failures. While being on national TV under the hot stage lights and the judgmental gaze of host Pat Sajak is surely a stress-inducing affair, it’s still entertaining to look back at some of the show’s biggest fails. Share in the misery of the following 10 contestants, whose embarrassment is now unfortunately documented for all to see thanks to the unforgiving nature of the internet. Enjoy!

10. Boozing My Shore Excursion

We don’t remember our last Caribbean cruise either.

9. Sounds Like “Andy”

The answer has to be “Magic Yand”, there’s just no other possibility!

8. “Ekclusive Nightclub”

Clearly, she’s never been invited to the VIP lounge.

 7. Snow White And The Misidentified Dwarves

Remember Sneeky the Dwarf? Come on, how could you forget Sneeky the Dwarf?

6. “Surf Clay Here We Go”

It doesn’t matter if the word “go” isn’t even on the board, “Surf Clay Here We Go” is the name of the song and that’s how it’s always been!

5. Wrong Female Superhero

DC and Marvel better check their character rosters because Superman is getting all mixed up with Spider-Woman these days!

 4. ABC’s Live! With…Who Again?

To be fair, these 3 servicemen were probably too busy to have ever watched Live! With Regis and Kelly. Still, nobody could get the names right? No wonder Regis retired.

 3. Garbled Answer

You can’t help but feel sorry for Paul Atkinson. He clearly knew what the answer was, but as he explains in the video, he was so nervous that his response came out wrong and disqualified his answer, costing him $1 million in the process. Wheel of Fortune sure has some strict pronunciation guidelines; would they treat someone with a speech impediment in the same manner?

2. Triple Fail

Behold Julian Batts, the Indiana University honors student who has been unofficially labeled the worst Wheel of Fortune contestant ever. He sure lives up to his name, as he makes no less than 3 significant blunders in one game. Worst of all? His mispronunciation of Greek hero “Achilles” cost him his shot at $1 million. Come on Julian, we’ve all seen Troy starring Brad Pitt as ‘Achilis.’ You know the name.

1, The “R” Is For Racist

Contrary to what you might think, this hilarious South Park spoof isn’t a work of fiction. It’s so, so real and just as shameful as you might expect. Pat Sajak awkwardly muses, “no ‘N’, hmm,” as he pretends that the contestant in front of him didn’t just reveal himself as a racist on national television.

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