This Artificial Intelligence Will Try To Guess What You’re Doodling

Screenshot via Google

Ready to waste away your afternoon teaching Google how to play Pictionary?

A new experiment, called Quick, Draw! is designed to teach a neural network to recognize the random doodles made by normal humans with nothing but a mouse and a blank slate. That may seem simple, but since everyone will draw their own version of “frying pan,” it’s actually very hard.

Players get to doodle six different random objects, with the AI given 20 seconds to guess each drawing. We played twice, and Google managed to recognize our drawings four-out-of-six times and each go round. Sadly, it thought that our hedgehog doodle looked more like a helicopter.

Anyway, click here to try out Quick, Draw! for yourself. Be warned tough: it’s surprisingly addictive and you may spend waaaaaaaay more time doodling random crap than your boss would like (sorry, boss!).