New gadgets are awesome. The much anticipated Apple Watch finally hit stores earlier this year and people couldn’t wait to get their hands on them. Yes, know that that other companies already released smart watches before Apple. But a new Apple gizmo is like printing money for the California-based company.

As CNET writer Scott Stein was demonstrating some of the features and apps, he used voice search to look up a new Xbox on Amazon. And then — oops — accidentally hit the one-touch purchase button and ordered it instantly. Shameful laughter and panic followed as he tried to figure out to cancel the order.

The Apple Watch seems like a neat toy, but we’ve yet to see anything that convinces us it is a must-have, life changing piece of technology. However, we will laugh at Scott Stein, a guy who makes a living being technologically savvy and then passing that knowledge on to his readers, when he screws up by ordering a $500 video game console with the super computer he wears around his wrist.