Self-Driving Transport Truck Cleared To Drive on U.S. Roads

As the world of technology slowly brings us closer and closer to achieving Skynet, the next step in total machine domination will probably be vehicles that drive themselves.

Google (and other companies) are already far along in testing and using self driving cars. Initial research shows that they are statistically much safer, which makes sense since you are effectively eliminating human errors in driving. We can’t wait for them to become more popular.

Some companies were dreaming even bigger though, and manufacturer Daimler unveiled a autonomous transport truck last week — one that has already been cleared to drive on roads in the U.S.

Called ‘The Inspiration’, the first truck of its kind has been approved to drive on Nevada roads alongside other cars and trucks. If that works out, you can expect to see these driverless beasts all across the country soon. Some of the advantages of autonomous transport trucks are fewer accidents, increased fuel economy, and well-rested drivers. Although we doubt they will have all the advantages of this famous self-driving truck from The Simpsons: Via

“A car never gets tired. It doesn’t have any emotions when it’s driving home from a break-up with its girlfriend. It doesn’t get drunk or old and slow,” says Patrick Vogel at the Free University of Berlin in Germany, according to New Scientist.

The Inspiration acts like any other vehichle, staying in its own lane, changing speeds, and obeying the speed limit. But it’s not completely robotic. There is still a human being in the “driver seat” in case emergency intervention is needed. Via Truck News

The Inspiration is not ready for commercial release yet, but Daimler will start using them for testing purposes now that they are licensed to operate in Nevada. They hope that the data they gather will help improve future versions of the truck.

Devon Taylor (@DevonTaylor113)

Devon Taylor (@DevonTaylor113)

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