Report: Samsung Limiting Note 7 Batteries to 60 Percent Charge to Prevent Explosions

According to the Associated Press, Samsung will issue an update to Galaxy Note 7 phones in South Korea that prevents users from charging their batteries above 60 percent. They hope this will prevent any further phones from exploding while they encourage owners to make use of their massive recall program.

The Note 7 devices were recalled globally a couple weeks ago when it was discovered that a small number of them contained batteries that overheated and exploded, potentially setting fire to anything around them.

The AP cites an original source in Korea, Seoul Shinmun, in its report. The move is a fairly drastic one, considering it will severely hinder the phone’s usefulness for owners. It opens up concerns about what else the company could do to alter your phone without your permission. But since they are trying to reduce risk of lawsuits, we can certainly understand why Samsung would make such a forceful decision. As of right now, there is no word on whether Samsung is considering a similar update for Note 7 devices in North America, although the United States has already had roughly 70 incidents of faulty batteries reported. Samsung and the federal Consumer Product Safety Commission are working on the American recall.

If you are still carrying around a Note 7, please know that there’s a chance it could explode randomly. A man in Florida is claiming that a charging Note 7 set fire to his Jeep, totaling it completely. Go get a replacement phone, even if it’s a hassle.

Devon Taylor (@DevonTaylor113)

Devon Taylor (@DevonTaylor113)

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