Ikea To Introduce Built In Wireless Charging In New Furniture Line

Ikea is on a mission to rid your home of troublesome tangled charger cords and they’re doing this by introducing a new line of furniture with wireless charging built right in.

The line of bedside tables, floor lamps and desk lamps with built in wireless charging were released in the UK in April 2015 but should be seen in U.S. stores very soon. All items in the wireless charging line come equipped with the new wireless charge pad technology which the company has called ‘Jyssen’, making your home a clean and simple space.

But before you go rushing out to replace all the tables and lamps in your house, you should listen to this: the Jyssen wireless charging unit is also available as a stand alone item that can be installed in any of your existing furniture with ease. For about $30, you can buy the cylindrical charging unit which is designed to fit into the existing cord management port of your current Ikea furniture; or if there’s no port (or heaven forbid your furniture isn’t from the Swedish mega-store) you can pay a couple of extra dollars and the retailer will send you the appropriately sized drill bit to cut your own hole and pop that bad boy in for ultimate charging ease.

This video shows the UK version of the Jyssen charging unit that can be installed in any piece of furniture:

Laura Gooyers

Laura Gooyers

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