The Batsuit is one of he most iconic pieces of technology in the world of comic book super heroes. It seems to do pretty much everything — glider wings, x-ray vision, voice activating the Batmobile. Plus it’s super scary to the bad guys (that was the point of making it look like a bat, right?).

Jackson Gordon, a propmaker and industrial design student, decided that he wanted a Batsuit for real. He combined Kevlar, impact resistant foam, and Kydex plating — really hard plastic — to make this homemade hero suit. It weighs about 25 pounds, which should be nothing for any Dark Knight in training.

It’s not bulletproof, but it does surprisingly good job of deflecting punches, kicks, and knife attacks. The suit cost about $2,000 to build and was funded by Kickstarter. We think he should start another one for a kick-ass Bat Utility Belt, with Bat-a-rangs and stuff.