Google Launches ‘YouTube Gaming’ To Compete With

Exactly one year ago this week, Google lost out to Amazon on trying to buy, a streaming service popular with gamers. Now they are launching their own version called YouTube Gaming.

Google/YouTube are calling their new service the “go-to destination for anything and everything gaming.” Not only does the service give users the ability to stream their own content and view other people’s streams, it will also sort, categorize, and manage all the content so that viewers can easily find something that interests them.

One of the biggest features of YouTube Gaming that is missing on Twitch will be “DVR Mode.” It allows viewers to rewind up to four hours of the livestream, letting them catch up on anything they may have missed.

The service comes with apps for both Android and iOS and is available “in any country where YouTube is available,” according to Google. It could give Twitch some serious competition, as YouTube already hosts a ton of gaming content and is often used by Twitch streamers to archive their videos. Now Google wants those streamers to do it all in one place.

Wade Wilson

Wade Wilson

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