Domino’s Debuts “Zero Click” Ordering, Perfect For Lazy Hungry People

Remember when you used to have to actually call a pizza place, on a landline even, and talk to an actual human being about what kind of pizza you wanted to order? We’ve finally refined the process to an artform!

Domino’s has always been on the cutting edge of pizza ordering technology. Hell, you can even tweet the pizza emoji at their special ordering Twitter bot to order a warm dinner. But apparently even that was too much effort for some people, so Domino’s just released their “Zero Click” app — the ultimate in efficient pizza ordering.

Just download the app, link it to your Domino’s account, and set your go-to pizza order. Now every time you open the app, your pizza will be automatically ordered unless you cancel before the 10-second timer ticks down. So simple.

Stuffing your face has never been easier! However, anyone who has kids or an annoying tendency to butt-dial should probably steer clear of this app. We don’t think “Sorry, but my butt ordered that pizza and I don’t really want it” is going to be a valid excuse. Mostly because it’s impossible to not want pizza. Pizza is life

Devon Taylor (@DevonTaylor113)

Devon Taylor (@DevonTaylor113)

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