Chess Grandmaster Caught Using iPod To Cheat During Tournament

Gaioz Nigalidze is currently the best chess player in the entire country of Georgia. We know that Georgia isn’t exactly a huge country, but that’s still pretty damn impressive. Now he is facing a ban of up to 15-years after he was caught cheating during a tournament in Dubai by using an iPod.

He wasn’t even that secretive about it. The Washington Post reports the 25-year old Nigalidze aroused suspicion with his numerous bathroom breaks, plus the fact that he kept returning to the same stall.

“Nigalidze would promptly reply to my moves and then literally run to the toilet,” Armenian grandmaster Tigran Petrosian said. “I noticed that he would always visit the same toilet partition, which was strange, since two other partitions weren’t occupied.”

It finally became obvious that something was up. Petrosian complained, so official searched the bathroom and found an iPod running a chess analyser.

Nigalidze denied the device was his, but officials found it was logged into a social network in his name. It also happened to be analysing his exact match. He was booted from the tournament, and his previous accomplishments are under investigation. Via Dubai Chess & Culture Club
Devon Taylor (@DevonTaylor113)

Devon Taylor (@DevonTaylor113)

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