The issue of gun control in America is a hot button issue. How do you balance a constitutional right to own firearms against numerous mass shootings and accidental deaths? An 18-year old high school student from Colorado believes he can at least partially solve the problem.

Kai Kloepfer is developing a new technology that puts an advanced fingerprint scanner on the grip of a gun, making it completely useless except for the person who it registered to. He hopes this could eliminate instances of children accidentally getting a hold of a firearm or police having their own gun used against them. It would also cut down on the use of illegally obtained firearms.

The idea has drawn mixed reviews. Victims of gun violence are supportive, but firearm enthusiasts remain sceptical. They feel that it limits their freedom to use a gun in the ways they want.

Kloepfer, a high school senior, is entirely self taught. He studied engineering on the internet before receiving a $50,000 grant to continue his project.