5 Money Saving Tips For Cable And Internet Deals

On average, you can pay anywhere from $51 to $100 for cable and an additional $45 to $60 for Internet every month. This is a major cost that can take thousands of dollars out of your pocket annually. If you’re looking for ways to lower your cable and Internet bills, you have options. You can quickly save money on cable and Internet by finding deals online with a simple search.

While the Internet is an essential service and cable provides much needed entertainment for downtime at home, you don’t need to pay thousands of dollars per year for them. You can start looking for savings right now with an online search.

Here are some easy ways to save for cable and Internet.

1. Assess Your Needs

There’s a good chance that you’re paying too much money on unnecessary services. If it’s been a while since you’ve examined your plan or have realized you’re not using all the services your plan pays for, then it’s time to reevaluate your needs. Downsizing your plan might help you shave dollars off your monthly bill.

One way to start downsizing is by evaluating how many channels you watch. A report shows that most people tend to watch only 20 channels, but pay for around 205. You can eliminate specialty channels you forgot about or don’t care for and save money in the process.

Take a look at your Internet usage as well. If you aren’t reaching your Internet limit each month, ask the company to lower your maximum. Each megabyte counts and you can drastically lower your bill by readjusting your available usage.

2. Negotiate Your Plan

If you’ve been a loyal customer to your Internet and cable company, then you could be entitled to renegotiating your monthly bill. Talk to customer service directly and ask for a discount. You might be able to find a lower rate or be prompted to switch to another plan that’s cheaper and still meets your needs.

More often than not, a company will want to give you a deal instead of losing you as a customer altogether. Don’t be afraid to mention negative experiences, pricing history, or any issues you’ve had with the service. These facts can help you convince a customer service agent you’re deserving of a discount.

3. Look for Low-Income Subsidies

The Internet is no longer just a luxury. Now, it’s an essential service that provides access to necessary resources. However, just because everything continues to move online, that doesn’t mean prices are affordable for everyone. That’s why low-income subsidy programs exist, as the U.S. government deemed high-speed Internet a public utility. As such, there are several low-income subsidy programs to consider.

One of them is Lifeline, a federal program that can lower the cost of your Internet. If you qualify, you can receive up to $9.25 credit toward your bill.

Another way to find inexpensive Internet is through PCs for People. It’s a resource that can provide you with Internet for as low as $10 per month. PCs for People is aimed at people enrolled in government assistance or who are living 200 percent under the poverty line.

4. Buy Your Own Equipment

There are a lot of hidden fees that can increase your Internet bill. One of the fees you might have forgotten about is the modem and router. Internet providers can charge anywhere between $10 to $15 a month simply by leasing their equipment. This can put you out $240 to $360 over two years.

Instead of renting equipment, shop around and invest in your own. You can buy one from major retailers starting at only $100. You’ll make up for your investment within a year of Internet service and no longer have to pay for borrowed equipment.

5. Research Your Options

Cable and Internet companies like to convince you the deal they’re offering is the best one and for a limited time only. This is an aggressive sales tactic that can pressure you into signing a less-than-ideal package.

Bundling is an excellent way to save money on your internet and cable. By choosing service with one company, you can pay a combined fee that would typically be cheaper than if you paid for each service separately. You might be able to save more than $1,000 over two years with a bundled service.

Compare at least three to four companies and packages online. You can research different companies and get a better idea of the deals each one offers. If you choose to switch companies, you might even qualify for new customer incentives.

Goliath Team

Goliath Team

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