WWE Wants Conor McGregor To Appear On Raw

Newly crowned double UFC champion Conor McGregor has made headlines for his outrageous antics and trash talk, some of it directed to the world of professional wrestling. And when you’ve got someone with that sort of ability to draw eyeballs, and you’re the biggest wrestling company on the planet, the obvious thing to do is try and get someone like that to appear on your programming, so you can leech off his popularity. Such appears to be the case with McGregor, and amidst sighting of Triple H at his UFC fight this past weekend come rumors that WWE is very interested in having the brash Irishman make an appearance on WWE TV.

Honestly, we’re not sure we’d expect McGregor to do this until some time in the future when he is no longer the hottest fighter in UFC, if ever. This is due to the simple fact that McGregor, who has now fought at several different weight classes, but all well under 200 pounds, would be seen as an incredibly tiny man next to the heavyweights of WWE (and even several cruiserweights, a division which has an upper weight limit of 205), and that couldn’t help but hurt his brand. At least with someone like Ronda Rousey, she’d be of a comparable size to the other women of WWE, so she would probably mesh fairly well with them. Sure, it’s likely WWE would make McGregor look good in the ring next to their wrestlers (in fact, it’s likely he wouldn’t even consider it otherwise), but the size disparity would be blatantly obvious to anyone who even gave a sideways glance, and at a certain point, it wouldn’t be a good look for McGregor.

At best, perhaps we’ll see McGregor in a crowd shot at WrestleMania or something, but we wouldn’t hold our breath over seeing him compete in the squared circle anytime soon.

Stephen Randle

Stephen Randle

Stephen Randle is an avid wrestling and film fan. He's been writing about WWE, movies, and video games for Goliath since 2015.