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WWE Smackdown Live! Match Results – September 13th, 2016

It is the first Smackdown Live! after Backlash, and we’ve got a bevy of new champions, including a new WWE World Champion in AJ Styles, who will probably have something to say about that. Get ready for lots of fallout from the first Smackdown-exclusive PPV of the New Era, and we’ve got all the results from Smackdown right here!

Live from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

AJ Styles is out because he doesn’t want to say he told you so…quietly, so he shouts it instead. However, John Cena is here to rain on the victory parade, because Styles has something that belongs to him. Styles takes off Cena’s headband and throws it at him, but of course, Cena means the title, because he’s decided he’d like to tie Ric Flair now.

Dean Ambrose interrupts, because he’s due a rematch, and also that whole thing where AJ kicked him in the crotch to win the title. Ambrose threatens to make AJ’s life a living hell (careful AJ, he hides in boxes), but Cena says Steve Austin was right and Ambrose isn’t bringing anything to the fight. Ambrose dismisses Cena and calls him a lazy part-timer and corporate puppet who can’t get it done anymore.

This prompts an appearance from Shane McMahon, who decides that Cena and Ambrose will both face AJ at No Mercy. Wait, what did Cena do to earn that shot? He lost cleanly to Styles at SummerSlam and disappeared for a month! Oh, and in a Teddy Long Special, Cena and Ambrose must team up to face Styles and a partner of his choosing. And if he can’t find one, one will be appointed for him. Somewhere, Kane’s ears are burning.

– The Usos d. The Hype Bros (Jimmy pinned Mojo, Superfly Splash)

The Miz comes out to brag about still being Intercontinental Champion, but is interrupted by Dolph Ziggler, who wasn’t a big fan of getting sprayed in the eyes by Maryse at Backlash. Dolph wants a rematch in which there will be no interference and no excuses, but before Maryse can offer a counter-proposal, Daniel Bryan appears. Miz refuses to hear what he has to say until his contract gets renegotiated, and storms out through the audience.

A rematch from Backlash between Baron Corbin and Apollo Crews never takes place, as Corbin attacks Crews during his intro and lays him out at ringside with End of Days.

Jack Swagger enters during the aftermath, apparently having becoming a free agent since yesterday and signed to Smackdown. How come he didn’t have to jump through all the hoops that Slater did? Corbin rolls out of the ring and walks away, and Jack Swagger cuts a…decidedly odd promo where he declares that he’s a former Division 1 athlete in college with a smoking hot wife, and he’s going to be a big problem. Check that, “We The People” are going to be a big problem. We’re not sure adding Jack Swagger really solves Smackdown’s thin roster problems, but what do we know?

Becky Lynch is given a victory interview in the ring to talk about becoming the first Smackdown Women’s Champion. She issues an open challenge to anyone who wants a shot, which leads us into the next match while Becky moves to watch from ringside.

– Alexa Bliss d. Nikki Bella, Carmella, Natalya, and Naomi in a Fatal 5-Way Match to become #1 Contender to the Smackdown Women’s Title (Alexa pinned Nikki, stolen pin off a Carmella superkick)

Heath Slater is brought out by Shane McMahon to publicly sign his Smackdown contract. Slater signs without incident, and thanks everyone he can think of for making this possible. Heath makes a likely grievous error by declaring that he and Rhyno will face anyone, anytime, anywhere, which is apparently the cue for The Ascension to interrupt and demand an immediate title shot. Slater tries to back out of it, but Shane makes the match.

– Rhyno and Heath Slater d. The Ascension to retain the Smackdown Tag Team Titles (Rhyno pinned Viktor, Gore)

Unable to find a partner, AJ Styles is assigned James Ellsworth. You may (or may not) remember him as the first victim of Braun Strowman.

Randy Orton has things to say about Bray Wyatt, who is apparently all talk and afraid. Orton calls out Wyatt, who prefers to respond from his trademark smoky room with his usual array of vague threats, then appears at ringside behind Orton. Sure enough, it’s a trap, and Bray vanishes again, while Erick Rowan also appears to beat down Orton, but Randy hits an RKO on Rowan to break that up.

As Ellsworth makes his entrance, Miz attacks him and takes his place in the match after declaring that he is the main event.

– John Cena and Dean Ambrose d. AJ Styles and The Miz (Cena pinned Miz, AA)

Immediately after the match, Ambrose hit Dirty Deeds on Cena.

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