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WWE Smackdown Live Match Results – October 18, 2016

This week, Smackdown Live doesn’t have Goldberg, but it does have an unprecedented World title match, as AJ Styles must defend his championship against the legendary James Ellsworth! Sure, Ellsworth doesn’t have a snowball’s chance in hell, but he does have a pinfall victory over Styles. Could a miracle occur? Probably not, but let’s see what happened on this week’s episode!

Live from Denver, Colorado

Randy Orton came out to address his losing streak against Bray Wyatt, which is something almost nobody can say they’ve suffered. Orton admitted that he thinks Wyatt might be having an effect on him, mentally, but that may have made him even more dangerous. Wyatt responded via the smoky room, lying in a casket surrounded by people in black sheep masks. Wyatt dropped hints that a certain type of match might be in Orton’s future, and then sent out Luke Harper.

– Randy Orton d. Luke Harper by DQ when Bray Wyatt interfered.

During the match, Wyatt arrived in his casket surrounded by minions, and attempted to throw Orton into it, causing the DQ. When Wyatt opened the casket a final time, however, Kane was inside. Kane and Orton got the upper hand, but Wyatt and Harper teleported away.

– Alexa Bliss d. Naomi (pinfall, Twisted Bliss)

– Curt Hawkins vs Apollo Crews did not happen, as Hawkins insulted Crews until Crews punched him. Hawkins then declared that he had been disrespected, and left.

Carmella came out and began insulting Nikki Bella, bringing Nikki out to the ring. Carmella accused Nikki of stealing her spotlight again, which she can only get away with because she’s dating John Cena. Nikki said her accomplishments have nothing to do with who she dates, and attempted to shame Carmella for bringing it up. Carmella showed off highlights from Total Bellas which made Nikki look incredibly needy, and the insults continued to fly until Carmella dropped the mic and left.

– The Miz and The Spirit Squad d. Dolph Ziggler, Rhyno, and Heath Slater (Kenny pinned Slater, Miz-assisted rollup)

– Baron Corbin d. Jack Swagger (pinfall, End of Days)

Dean Ambrose acted as guest announcer and timekeeper for the main event, ringing the bell repeatedly to annoy Styles. At the beginning of the match, he ordered it stopped for a commercial break. After returning from break, Ambrose irritated Styles again by shilling for James Ellsworth’s new t-shirt over the house mic, then continued to randomly distract him repeatedly during the match.

– James Ellsworth d. AJ Styles by DQ when Styles ignored the referee’s instructions to break

After the bell, Ambrose hit Styles with Dirty Deeds and announced Ellsworth as “the man who has more victories over AJ Styles than John Cena” and the winner (though not the champion, after all, titles don’t change hands on a DQ).

Stephen Randle

Stephen Randle

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