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WWE Smackdown Live Match Results – November 1st, 2016

After James Ellsworth inadvertently cost Dean Ambrose a chance to become #1 Contender to the WWE World Title, there will probably be repercussions this week. Plus, with Survivor Series only a few weeks away, there are teams to be named. Who will Daniel Bryan name to counter the Superstars already revealed by Raw? Find out in the Smackdown Live results, right here!

Live from Newark, New Jersey

James Ellsworth came out to say goodbye, and to apologize to Dean Ambrose. Ambrose is touched by the gesture, but warns Ellsworth not to ever get in his way again. AJ Styles interrupted Ellsworth’s repeated apologies, because he couldn’t figure out why Ellsworth is bothering. Styles said that Ambrose has been using Ellsworth the entire time, while Styles respected Ellsworth enough to actually try hard in their match. Ellsworth tried to prevent things from breaking down, but Styles shoved him into Ambrose, then knocked Dean down and hit him with a Phenomenal Forearm.

Backstage, Bryan gave Ambrose one more chance to beat Styles and become #1 contender. He also banned Ellsworth from ringside.

– Randy Orton d. Kane in a No DQ Match (pinfall, RKO)

Bray Wyatt and Luke Harper appeared mid-match and interfered liberally to allow Orton to get the win. Post-match, Orton assisted Wyatt in beating up Kane, which seemed to irk Harper.

– Alexa Bliss and Carmella d. Becky Lynch and Nikki Bella (Alexa pinned Becky, DDT)

Postmatch, Alexa and Carmella cut a gloating promo directed at Raw’s team for Survivor Series.

Backstage, Naomi was named the fifth and final member of Smackdown’s women’s team. Natalya also managed to weasel her way into a “coaching position” on the team by blinding Shane with Aretha Franklin lyrics.

– American Alpha d. The Spirit Squad to qualify for a spot in the 10-team Survivor Series match (Gable pinned Mikey, Grand Amplitude)

Daniel Bryan was the guest on Miz TV, and Miz mocked Talking Smack off the bat, which prompted Bryan to threaten to cancel Miz’s show. Miz wanted to talk Survivor Series, and after purposely delaying, Bryan announced that the team would consist of Randy Orton, Baron Corbin (wait, what?), Bray Wyatt, Dean Ambrose, and AJ Styles. Miz questioned Bryan’s decision to leave him off the team (“Was I even considered?” “Nope”), claiming it was due to a petty grudge against him. Bryan said Miz was ignored because the Survivor Series team needs Superstars who aren’t afraid to fight, and Miz proved he isn’t that guy by turning down a re-match for the Intercontinental Title last week. Miz claimed Bryan was afraid to fight (while hiding behind his wife), and dismissed Bryan from his show. An angry Bryan threw a chair, prompting Miz to retreat, and told Miz to sit at commentary and leave the real fighting to the Superstars, as Dolph Ziggler would be defending his Intercontinental title in an Open Challenge.

– Dolph Ziggler d. Curt Hawkins to retain the WWE Intercontinental Title in roughly five seconds (pinfall, Superkick)

Postmatch, Ziggler made an open challenge to anyone from Monday Night Raw who wanted to face him at Survivor Series, which angered Miz.

From the smoky room, Wyatt questioned Orton’s dedication to their cause on behalf of a skeptical Luke Harper. Orton claimed he was done fighting the devil on his shoulder, and agreed that Bray was a god, complete with creepy lights flashing in his eyes.

– The Usos d The Headbangers to qualify for a spot in the 10-team Survivor Series match (Jimmy pinned Mosh, rollup with tights)

Backstage, Dean Ambrose sends James Ellsworth out of the arena to ensure he can’t interfere.

– Dean Ambrose d. AJ Styles to become #1 Contender to the WWE World Title (pinfall, Dirty Deeds)

Ellsworth ran in from the crowd, distracting Ambrose and resulting in a near-fall. Security then chased him away, distracting Styles for a near-fall. Eventually, the chase came back to ringside, where Ambrose sent Ellsworth over the announce table, but the distraction allowed Ambrose to get the jump on Styles for the win.

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