WWE Roadblock: End of the Line 2016 Match Results

It’s time for the final PPV of 2016, the aptly-named WWE Roadblock: End of the Line. This Raw-exclusive show is the absolute last one of the year, and incidently, the third one in a month and the second show titled Roadblock of 2016, but that doesn’t mean there still won’t be stuff worth watching! Here are all the results from Raw’s December offering!

Live from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Pre-Show Match

– Rusev d. Big Cass by Count-out when Cass was distracted by Rusev taking out Enzo at ringside

WWE Roadblock

– Sheamus and Cesaro d. The New Day to win the Raw Tag Team Title (Sheamus pinned Kofi, Small Package)

For the finish, Cesaro faked a hot tag and took Kofi’s Trouble In Paradise, allowing Sheamus to pick up the surprise pin. Post-match, Cesaro hugged The New Day, but Sheamus just took the title belts.

Backstage. Kevin Owens gave Chris Jericho a Christmas scarf, but was rebuffed.

– Sami Zayn d. Braun Strowman by surviving for 10 minutes

Part-way through the match, Mick Foley came out and attempted to throw in the towel on Zayn’s behalf, but Zayn stole the towel and threw it into the crod.

In fact, Zayn was on the verge of possibly winning the match when time expired, having hit Strowman with a Helluva Kick just before the ten minute mark.

– Seth Rollins d. Chris Jericho (pinfall, Pedigree)

Kevin Owens attempted to interfere on Jericho’s behalf, but distracted the referee from counting a pin on Rollins. When Jericho yelled at Owens to leave, Rollins attacked from behind, leading to the finish.

– Rich Swann d. TJ Perkins and The Brian Kendrick in a Triple Threat match to retain the WWE Cruiserweight Title (Swann pinned Perkins, Swann Song)

Post-match, Neville came out and attacked Swann and Perkins.

Backstage, Kevin Owens tried to apologize to Jericho again, but was forced to yell through a locked changing room door. Owens told Jericho to put his name on the List, if it would make him feel better, but still got no response. A dejected Owens walked away.

– Charlotte Flair d. Sasha Banks 3-2 in Sudden Death Overtime of a 30-Minute Iron Woman Match to win the Raw Women’s Title

1st Fall: Charlotte pinned Sasha, Top-Rope Natural Selection
2nd Fall: Sasha pinned Charlotte, Roll-Up
3rd Fall: Sasha submitted Charlotte, Banks Statement
4th Fall: Charlotte submitted Sasha, Figure 8

OT: Charlotte submitted Sasha, Figure 8

– Kevin Owens d. Roman Reigns by DQ when Chris Jericho hit Owens with a Codebreaker. Owens retains the WWE Universal Title

Post-match, Jericho revealed his attack on Owens had been a plan to screw Reigns out of the title, and Owens and Jericho hugged, with friendship winning the day in a Christmas miracle. Unfortunately, Seth Rollins came out, allowed Reigns to hit Owens with a Spear. Rollins Pedigreed Jericho, and Rollins and Reigns powerbombed Jericho through an announce table at ringside. Then they powerbombed a retreating Owens through the main announce table on the stage. What sore losers.

Stephen Randle

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