WWE Reports Cesaro Suffered A Back Injury On Raw

As much as we’re not particularly thrilled with having Sheamus and Cesaro stuck in an endless Best of Seven series against each other while other people are doing things like having awesome matches for the vacant WWE Universal title, at least they’re making the effort to have different finishes to their matches thus far. At the end of the second match, which happened on Raw, Sheamus tossed Cesaro back-first into the ring post (can we still call them steel ring posts if they’re now mostly LED screens?), then earned a quick victory with a Cloverleaf submission hold. Today, WWE reported the following on their website:

Cesaro suffered multiple contusions to the lumbar spine during his match against Sheamus Monday on Raw, WWE.com can confirm.

Late in the match, Sheamus backdropped Cesaro into the turnbuckle before locking him in the Cloverleaf.

Cesaro also posted the following on Twitter:


Our initial instinct is that this is just a storyline, but given the ridiculous number of ill-timed injuries surrounding WWE this past year, we’re always going to be a little wary about the health of our favorite Superstars. This also applies to Sami Zayn, who needs to stop being so good at pretending he’s hurt in matches before we start dialing 911 during Raw and sending ambulances to the arena.

Stephen Randle

Stephen Randle

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