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WWE Releases Rich Brennan

WWE’s crowded pool of commentators and backstage announcers got a little smaller today, as Rich Brennan, who had done play-by-play commentary for both NXT and Smackdown. Brennan (who you may also have heard referred to as “Milhouse”, usually by Kevin Owens) debuted in NXT in 2014, and was quickly promoted to the Smackdown announce table. However, after WWE signed Mauro Ranallo to do play-by-play on Smackdown, and with Tom Phillips forming a solid duo with Corey Graves on NXT, Brennan was moved to a backstage interviewer role, part of a team which also includes Renee Young, Jojo, Kyle Edwards, and the recently signed Cathy Kelley. While there are no specific details about Brennan’s release, it would appear that the most likely culprit is that damned numbers game Michael Cole is always talking about.

Stephen Randle

Stephen Randle

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