WWE Raw Match Results – September 12th, 2016

There are two weeks until Clash of Champions, and now that we’ve got a new Universal Champion, it’s time to make some matches for the first Raw-exclusive PPV. And in a match announced last week, Roman Reigns will face the Universal Champion, Kevin Owens, and if he wins, he get added to the KO-Seth Rollins match at the Clash. Find out what happened in that match, and all the other results from Raw, right here!

Live from Baltimore, Maryland

Mick Foley calls out Charlotte, who immediately demands an apology from Dana, both for costing her the match against Bayley last week, and for getting tricked by Sasha Banks. Sasha and Bayley both interrupt and lay claim to a title shot. Arguments ensue, but Foley asserts his authority and declares that Charlotte will defend her title against the winner of a match between Sasha and Bayley. Charlotte blames Dana for this development, who responds by slapping Charlotte, causing Foley to add Dana to the match.

– Sasha Banks d. Bayley and Dana Brooke to become #1 Contender to the Women’s Championship (Sasha pinned Bayley, pinning combination)

Afterwards, Dana Brooke apologized profusely to Charlotte for failing.

– Bo Dallas d. Brandon Scott (pinfall, rolling neckbreaker)

Chris Jericho’s guest on the Highlight Reel was Sami Zayn, who he antagonized about being Kevin Owens’ new best friend. Zayn said that he’s done with Owens, and that nobody can ever be Owens’ friend, not even Jericho. Jericho accuses Zayn of jealousy, and Zayn responds that Jericho, a six-time World Champion, is now relegated to being KO’s bitch. Jericho smashed his cell phone on Zayn’s face and hit a Codebreaker, leaving Zayn laying.

– Cesaro d. Sheamus in a Best of Seven Series match (pinfall, rope-assisted pin). Sheamus still leads 3-2.

– Nia Jax vs Alicia Fox technically ended in a No Contest, when Nia speared Alicia through the ringside barricade.

The New Day came out and accused Gallows and Anderson of stealing their “thing” by trying to be funny. They threatened to show the footage, then revealed that they had burned it and no one would ever see it again. They said that last week’s skit wasted 5:37 of everyone’s life, and ran through all the things people could have done with their lives instead (which somehow resulted in Xavier getting hypnotized again). Gallows and Anderson came out for a non-title match against Xavier and Kofi.

– Gallows and Anderson d. Xavier Woods and Kofi Kingston (Anderson pinned Woods, Magic Killer)

– “The Man Who Comes In Peace” Jinder Mahal d. Jack Swagger (pinfall, Regal Cutter)

Post-match, it is revealed that Jack Swagger’s contract is expiring. So Raw only signed him for two months?

– Epico d. Enzo Amore (pinfall, Primo held Enzo’s legs on a pin)

– Kevin Owens d. Roman Reigns by DQ when Seth Rollins attacked Owens.

Mick Foley, having promised consequences if Rollins interfered, demands Rollins to come with him for a talk, then orders the match re-started.

– Kevin Owens d. Roman Reigns (pinfall, Pop-up Powerbomb)

Rusev interfered in the match (back early from his honeymoon, apparently), distracting Reigns and allowing Owens to pick up the win. Rusev continued to attack Reigns, locking him in the Accolade as the show ended.

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