WWE Raw Match Results – October 31st, 2016

It’s the day after Hell in a Cell, which means we’re only a few weeks away from Survivor Series! And with that in mind, Goldberg will be in attendance to address Brock Lesnar addressing his addressing of Lesnar’s challenge to a match. Plus, it’s Halloween, so expect costumes and shenanigans and probably a holiday-themed gimmick match! Here’s all the results from Raw Halloween!

Live from Hartford, Connecticut

Goldberg kicked off the show, but Paul Heyman interrupted almost immediately, inflamed the “Goldberg” chants, and implied that Lesnar might be in the building. Heyman claimed that we wouldn’t be waiting until Survivor Series, because Lesnar is impatient, so Heyman announced that the match was going down right now.

Lesnar’s music plays, but he was not forthcoming, and Heyman mocked the crowd, especially Goldberg’s son, for believing him. Goldberg advanced on Heyman menacingly, but Rusev arrived, and said that Goldberg is no superhero, and after this long away from the ring, Rusev doubted that he could perform either of his signature moves anymore. He also questioned Goldberg’s heart, and challenged Goldberg. That went poorly, and Goldberg hit Rusev with a Jackhammer, then Speared Heyman.

– Enzo Amore d. Luke Gallows in a “Trick or Street” Fight (pinfall, Tope Rope DDT)

– TJ Perkins d. Brian Kendrick by Count-Out. Kendrick retains the WWE Cruiserweight Title

Perkins attacked a gloating Kendrick after the match and locked him in the Figure 4 Leglock.

Mick Foley delivered a “State of Raw” address following Hell in a Cell, specifically addressing the actions of Chris Jericho and Kevin Owens in the Universal Title match. Jericho and Owens arrived to respond, with Owen wondering if Foley was just upset because Rollins didn’t win, or because Jericho outsmarted him. Foley admitted that he needed them for Survivor Series, which they took great joy in, but said that he was angry because Owens could have won the match on his own, and chose to make a mockery of the match. He clarified that Stephanie only wanted Owens for Raw’s Survivor Series team, and Foley had to stop her from suspending Jericho and convinced her to include him on the team as well. He introduced the third member of Raw’s team, Roman Reigns. After some banter, Jericho declared that neither Roman nor the live audience were worth of being on the List, and the end result was Reigns defending the US Title against Jericho.

– Braun Strowman won a Battle Royal to become the 4th member of Raw’s Survivor Series team, last eliminating Sami Zayn.

The New Day were dressed as the 3 Faces of Charles Wright (Kama Mustafa, Papa Shango, and The Godfather) backstage, and had a moment of silence for Francesca II, who perished at the hands of Sheamus at Hell in a Cell. They’re officially the captains of Raw’s team in the 10-team Survivor Series match.

– Rich Swann, Cedric Alexander, and Lince Dorado d. Tony Nese, Drew Gulak, and Ariya Daivari (Swann pinned Nese, High Spin Kick)

Charlotte came to the ring to deliver her championship address, and told Sasha that there was no shame in losing. She declared herself the captain of Raw’s team for the 5-on-5 Women’s Survivor Series match and began issuing threats to the women of Smackdown. She then called Bayley out to the ring. Bayley congratulated Charlotte on winning the Women’s Title in a history-making match, but Charlotte brushed her off. Bayley was moved to use strong language, calling Charlotte a big jerk, and Charlotte reminded her that this isn’t NXT anymore, and Bayley doesn’t even look like a wrestler. To determine if Bayley is strong enough, Charlotte puts her in a match with another Survivor Series team member, Nia Jax.

– Nia Jax d. Bayley (pinfall, Samoan Drop)

– Sheamus and Cesaro d. The Shining Stars (Sheamus submitted Epico, Irish Cloverleaf)

– Roman Reigns d. Chris Jericho by DQ when Kevin Owens interfered. Owens and Jericho continued the assault after the match, hitting Reigns with a pop-up Codebreaker. Rollins eventually ran in and took out both Owens and Jericho, then had a staredown with Reigns.

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