WWE Raw Match Results – December 5th, 2016

Yes, there are only two weeks until Roadblock, so we won’t blame you if you’re getting a little PPV fatigue. There’s no time to be tired on Raw, however, because they’ve got a card to fill before the holidays roll around! Plus, Charlotte will make a public apology to her father after the events that ended Raw last week! Here’s all the results from the first Raw of December!

Live from Austin, Texas

Seth Rollins kicked off the show by demanding Triple H, having finally remembered that was going on at one point. However, he knew calling out Triple H wasn’t the way to go, so instead Rollins decided the best way to get to him was to take the Universal Title away from Kevin Owens, and the best way to get past Owens is to remove his best friend. This prompted Owens to come out to dispute the idea that he is useless without Jericho. Owens pointed out that Rollins isn’t exactly innocent when it comes to betraying friends, and said that he spent the past week getting Jericho several gifts. Rollins demanded a title match, but Owens refused, since he already beat Rollins and has to defend against Reigns in two weeks. However, Jericho’s gifts were a US Title match against Reigns, a Roadblock match against Rollins, and a match with The Big Show for Rollins immediately.

– Seth Rollins d. The Big Show by countout when an irritated Show chokeslammed Kevin Owens and walked away. Then Rollins hit Owens with a Pedigree.

– Jack Gallagher d. Ariya Daivari (pinfall, Running Dropkick)

Post-match, Gallagher offered a handshake, but Daivari took out Gallagher’s knee in response.

Backstage, a frustrated Kevin Owens was dismissed by Mick Foley, but also found a sullen Chris Jericho. Owens explained the gifts he’d gotten Jericho, but Jericho denied that this made them “good”.

Further backstage, Enzo and Cass tried to break up a shouting match between Lana and Rusev. Lana threw her wedding ring at Rusev, who walked off, and Enzo attempted to console her. Lana suggested that she and Enzo try to make Rusev jealous.

– Kevin Owens d. Sami Zayn (pinfall, Pop-Up Powerbomb)

In a backstage interview, Sasha Banks celebrated her Women’s title victory, and challenged Charlotte to an Iron Man Match at Roadblock.

– Rich Swann d. TJ Perkins (pinfall, Roundhouse Kick)

– Bayley d. Alicia Fox (pinfall, Bayley-2-Belly)

– Mark Henry d. Titus O’Neil in roughly ten seconds (pinfall, World’s Strongest Slam)

– Roman Reigns d. Chris Jericho to retain the United States Title (pinfall, Spear)

Despite Jericho telling him to stay backstage, Owens interfered in the match, distracting Jericho, leading to the finish.

– Rusev vs Big Cass didn’t happen, because Rusev did not come out. Cass realized it was a trap, the camera then cut to Enzo arriving at Lana’s hotel room, having second thoughts while Lana attempted to seduce him, then getting beaten up by Rusev.

– Sheamus and Cesaro vs Gallows and Anderson ended in a No Contest when both teams brawled with New Day at ringside. The match was supposed to determine the final challengers for New Day before they break Demolition’s record next week, so now it will be a Triple Threat Match.

Charlotte came out for her public apology, calling herself a cold-hearted b**** of a daughter. We got yet another replay of her throwing Ric out of the ring back in May, and Charlotte talked about how hard it was to watch her father celebrate Sasha’s title victory last week. She called out Ric, apologized, and hugged him. Then she slapped him across the face and called him a son of a b**** for choosing Sasha over his own daughter. Sasha tried to make the save, but was beaten down by Charlotte while Ric cried in the ring.

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