WWE Raw Match Results – December 19th, 2016

Last night at Roadblock, friends re-united as Chris Jericho looked to have finally forgiven Kevin Owens, en route to Owens retaining the Universal Title. Unfortunately, Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins were less than friendly, and we’re sure things will escalate from there. Here are the results from the Raw after Roadblock!

Live from Columbus, Ohio

Kevin Owens and Chris Jericho began the evening, as Owens welcomed everyone to The Chris and Kevin Show. They detailed their elaborate and ingenious plan, which was so incredible that even Owens wasn’t in on it. They re-affirmed their friendship, and plotted revenge against their enemies. They also put Santa Claus on the List for stealing Jericho’s gimmick, because of course they did. This brought out Mick Foley, who, after some banter, revealed a shark cage above the ring. Foley announced Owens vs Reigns at the Royal Rumble, with Jericho locked in the cage above the ring. Jericho suggested that Foley couldn’t force him to do so, and Foley threatened to fire him instead. Jericho tried to prove that the cage was unsafe, and somehow ended up locked inside the cage as a result. Foley fumbled through his fanny pack, but couldn’t find the key, then inadvertently signalled to raise the cage, trapping Jericho above the ring.

Don’t worry, Jericho was retrieved during the commercial break and administered oxygen.

– Rusev d. Big Cass by DQ when Cass ignored the referee’s orders to stop attacking Rusev in the corner

Sasha Banks, wearing a knee brace and leaning on a crutch, came out to discuss losing to Charlotte at Roadblock. Sasha admitted that the better woman won, and she didn’t feel like The Boss anymore. She called out Charlotte to offer respect, but got Nia Jax instead. Jax called Sasha a weak little girl and kicked Sasha’s crutch out from under her, then tossed her around the ring. Jax pondered using the crutch as a weapon, decided it wasn’t necessary, and left.

Backstage, Foley revealed the new Raw Tag Team title belts to Sheamus and Cesaro, which are now silver plates with red straps. Sheamus grabbed both belts, leading to more arguments, but Foley was called away to deal with a rampaging Strowman, who wanted Sami Zayn in a regular match and not some stupid 10 Minute Challenge (that last bit was our words, not his), or else. Foley said he’d sent Zayn home already, and tried to give Strowman the night off, which to Strowman, meant it was time for “or else”.

– Cedric Alexander d. Noam Dar (pinfall, Lumbar Check)

Postmatch, Dar claimed that they weren’t even, because he wanted Cedric’s girlfriend, Alicia Fox, for himself. Yeah, so…women’s evolution, right?

The New Day came out, and were philosophical about losing the titles, because even 16-time World Champion Ric Flair had to lose the title 15 times to accomplish that feat. Cesaro and Sheamus came out to retort and celebrate their victory. Kofi took issue with Cesaro and Sheamus getting brand new title belts after only 1 day, but gave Cesaro props for winning. Further bickering ensued, and was eventually interrupted by Gallows and Anderson, as well as The Shining Stars for some reason. A general brawl broke out, leading to a match.

– Cesaro, Sheamus, and The New Day d. Gallows, Anderson, and The Shining Stars (Cesaro submits Epico, Sharpshooter)

Backstage, Enzo received a letter from HR ordering him to attend mandatory sensitivity training after his whole “nude walk through the backstage area” thing from a couple weeks ago.

Neville came out to address his actions at Roadblock. Neville told the fans to stop cheering for him, because they only cheer him as a weak underdog. He declared that he was going to obliterate the Cruiserweight Division, and was interrupted by Rich Swann. Neville claimed to have taught Swann everything, and received no respect in return. Neville called himself the King of the Cruiserweights, but Swann pointed out that he was the Cruiserweight Champion. The Brian Kendrick came out and talked about how Neville not being included in the Cruiserweight Division from the beginning was a travesty. Both men attacked Swann, and Neville also cut off TJ Perkins when he attempted to make the save.

At Sensitivity Training, which included Darren Young, Bob Backlund, Jinder Mahal, and Bo Dallas for some reason, Enzo blamed Cass for the incident, and made lame jokes that nobody laughed at. As exciting as it sounds.

– Sin Cara vs Titus O’Neil ended just after it began, when Braun Strowman entered the ring and destroyed both men. Mick Foley tried to talk Strowman down, so he threw Sin Cara off the stage and through some presents piled at ringside, then destroyed the set.

Charlotte came out, dressed like an Evil Queen from a Disney movie, to celebrate her fourth reign as Women’s Champion. She claimed to be better than any female Superstar from any generation, and dubbed herself the Queen of Pay Per View. Bayley finally interrupted her diatribe, but Charlotte wasn’t interested in listening to her, because she felt Bayley was less a wrestler than a mere wrestling fan. Bayley decided that since the Charlotte-Sasha feud was over, it was time for the Charlotte-Bayley feud to begin, and pointed out that she was currently up 2-0 on Charlotte. Charlotte pointed out that of the Four Horsewomen, she was always #1, and Bayley was #4, but Bayley wasn’t fazed and challenged Charlotte to a match immediately.

– Bayley d. Charlotte (pinfall, Backslide)

Back at Sensitivity Training, Enzo’s attempts at role reversal with Jinder go poorly. It’s like those Anger Management segments with Team Hell No, but they forgot to write any jokes. In the end, Enzo really didn’t learn anything, and hits on the teacher, but he does get jumped by Rusev and Jinder, who clearly didn’t take kindly to Enzo casting shade on 3MB.

– Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins d. Kevin Owens and Chris Jericho by DQ when Braun Strowman interfered, destroying both Reigns and Rollins

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