WWE Raw Match Results – December 12th, 2016

It’s the final Raw before the last PPV of 2016, and we’ve got to make some matches before this Sunday and Roadblock: End Of The Line! Plus, it’s the last chance for any tag team to dethrone The New Day before they set a new record for longest-reigning Tag Team Champions in WWE history, so it could be a historic night for the team of Kingston, Woods, and Big E! Here are all the results from the go-home Raw before Roadblock!

Live from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

– The New Day d. Cesaro & Sheamus and Gallows & Anderson in a Triple Threat Match to retain the Raw Tag Team Titles (Kofi pinned Sheamus, Trouble In Paradise)

Backstage, during New Day’s celebration, Stephanie was inadvertently sprayed with bottles of champagne and pitched an ugly fit, because apparently she’s the only person who doesn’t understand how title celebrations work.

– Braun Strowman d. Curtis Axel (pinfall, Wheelbarrow Flapjack)

Post-match, Braun Strowman claimed that nobody could last even two minutes with him. The shot cut to backstage, where Sami Zayn once again demanded a match with Strowman from Foley. Foley refused, so Sami said if Foley didn’t believe in him, he didn’t want to be on Raw anymore.

– Ariya Daivari d. Lince Dorado by DQ when Jack Gallagher formally announced his intent to interfere in the match in order to give Daivari a proper thrashing, and then did so. In other news, Jack Gallagher is awesome.

Seth Rollins opened The Rollins Report by once again demanding Triple H, before introducing his guest, Kevin Owens. Owens refused to get into the ring, and conducted his half of the interview from the entrance ramp. Rollins demanded to know what was up with the relationship between Owens and Jericho, but Owens only said that they still had each others’ backs. Owens announced that The New Day were being punished for their actions at the party by being forced to defend the Tag Titles a second time that night, against Owens and Jericho. This brought out Jericho, who felt that Owens was crazy for thinking they would ever team up again. Owens suggested that since the match was going to happen regardless, they should work together to win the titles and screw over New Day. Rollins attempted to stir the pot, and Jericho threatened to put him on a new list…the disabled list. Owens and Jericho rushed the ring and beat down Rollins, and Roman Reigns eventually made the save.

– The Brian Kendrick d. TJ Perkins (pinfall, Sliced Bread #2)

Backstage, Mick Foley added Rollins & Reigns to the Tag Title match, making it another Triple Threat.

A video package aired detailing the feud between Sasha Banks and Charlotte Flair, in advance of their Iron Man Match at Roadblock: End of the Line, which we swear they’ve been using as the full title for the PPV all night.

– Bayley d. Alicia Fox (pinfall, Bayley-2-Belly)

Lana and Rusev came out to run down Enzo Amore and, apparently, show off how strong their relationship is behind closed doors. By which they meant a recap video of last week’s events. They laughed at the stupid Americans who believed WWE would actually show a sex tape on Raw in 2016, which brought out Big Cass to demand vengeance for Enzo. Cass and Rusev brawled until Rusev retreated up the ramp.

– Sami Zayn d. Jinder Mahal (pinfall, Helluva Kick)

Post-match, Mick Foley came out and announced that he had negotiated a deal to trade Sami to Smackdown, as long as it was what Sami wanted. Sami asked for a match with Braun Strowman one more time, and Foley refused, but also revealed that Zayn would be traded for Eva Marie, who was, as Foley put it “a talent of equal value”. This understandably angered Zayn, who claimed that he was “worth a thousand Eva Maries” (yeah, but Sami, 1000 times zero is still zero) and he was tired of paying for Foley’s mistakes, and once again demanded Strowman. Foley finally agreed to book Zayn-Strowman at Roadblock, which is probably a good idea, since there’s only four matches on the PPV right now. Foley admitted there was no trade, because he wouldn’t trade Zayn for anything, and that on Sunday, Zayn would have ten minutes to prove he could handle Strowman.

Big Cass vs Rusev was officially added to the Roadblock: End of the Line pre-show.

– The New Day d. Kevin Owens & Chris Jericho and Roman Reigns & Seth Rollins in a Triple Threat Match to retain the Raw Tag Team Titles (Woods pinned Jericho, Pedigree)

At one point, Rollins broke up a Jericho pin by shoving Owens onto Jericho, causing Owens and Jericho to argue. This allowed Rollins to hit Jericho with a Pedigree, and Woods got the pin after Big E pulled Rollins out of the ring.

Post-match, Jericho and Owens continued arguing, and Owens turned around into a Spear from Reigns.

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