WWE Announces New Cruiserweight Show, ‘205 Live’

Looking to build off the success of the Cruiserweight Classic even more than just featuring them on Raw, WWE announced today the creation of a new TV show, which will air exclusively on the WWE Network. 205 Live will be a show which entirely revolves around Cruiserweights, including several which have not yet debuted on Raw, and will air on the Network following episodes of Smackdown Live, with Mauro Ranallo and Corey Graves on commentary. This will also move the Talking Smack post-show to 11 pm Eastern.

Obviously, this new show raises some questions, including the continuing viability of the Cruiserweight Division on Raw, where it has yet to receive much more than a tepid response. Some might ask how WWE plans to run a show devoted to Cruiserweights when they haven’t been effective at booking the division on Raw (and we would question if this is a way to quietly transfer them off Raw), but others will note that Smackdown, and especially putting Ranallo on commentary, seems like a more hospitable environment for the Cruiserweight experiment. Whatever the case, it would appear that the Cruiserweights are no longer exclusive to Raw, even though it’s likely that they’ll continue to suggest otherwise.

The new show will begin airing later this month.

Stephen Randle

Stephen Randle

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