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William Regal Shares An X-Ray, And Advice For Younger Wrestlers

In case you’ve ever wondered what a wrestler’s neck looks like after a career of taking bumps, WWE’s William Regal was kind enough to share it with the world. On his Twitter account, Regal discussed wrestlers taking extreme bumps high on the shoulders and neck, and revealed an X-ray of what his neck looks like these days. It’s not particularly graphic (since it’s just an X-Ray), but it is somewhat chilling: Source:

Why yes, that is a whole lot of screws all around his neck and spine.

Regal added that “No amount of crowd pops are worth it when less dangerous moves can be done and get the same effect.” He also said that he did not post the picture to garner sympathy for his own injuries, but as “a warning to younger wrestlers to save them the problems and prolong their careers.”

It’s just something to think about the next time you watch an independent wrestler go through various pieces of furniture in an attempt to get you to cheer louder.

Stephen Randle

Stephen Randle

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