What Are John Cena’s WrestleMania Plans?

It’s become fairly clear that John Cena’s legendary career is closer to the end than the beginning, and some of the things that Dean Ambrose has said during Smackdown, about Cena becoming a part-timer who is spending more and more time away from the ring than in it, are more true than WWE would normally like to admit. However, as his match with AJ Styles at SummerSlam showed, Cena can definitely still go in the ring, and it will likely be several years before he disappears completely.

With that said, speculation has turned to plans for Cena at the upcoming WrestleMania, given that he is expected to once again be absent from WWE for at least a couple of months following the No Mercy PPV to film the second season of American Grit. At this point, rumors are that WWE is looking towards two potential high-profile matches for Cena at WrestleMania. One option would see Cena take on The Undertaker (in, and we know we’ve been saying this for at least a few years, what will probably be Undertaker’s final match), and the other would see Cena win the WWE World Championship in the main event, officially tying Ric Flair with 16 World title reigns.

Personally, the Cena-Undertaker match is probably the direction we’d want to go, since this is almost certainly the last chance, and one of the final “big money” Undertaker matches left, as the last time they faced each other one-on-one, Cena was still a heel rapper, and the Undertaker was in the middle of his “American Bad Ass” gimmick. That’s right, somehow WWE managed to go over a decade without having two of their biggest stars ever face off one-on-one on Pay Per View or TV, which is why that match almost certainly needs to happen while it still can. We have to believe that Cena would be a great final opponent for Taker, and could carry him to a fairly good last match.

But that’s just our opinion, what do you think? Who should John Cena face at WrestleMania 33?

Stephen Randle

Stephen Randle

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