WATCH: The Miz Hands Out Another Participation Award

Ever since The Miz handed out his first Miz Participation Award to Dean Ambrose for coming up short at TLC, we’ve had a burning desire to earn one for ourselves. Our wish may never come true, but apparently that was not the last Participation Award that Miz has handed out. So, if you’re stressed out because things aren’t going your way, take heart, because there’s still a chance, however small, that one day, The Miz might recognize the fact that even if you failed, at least you tried.

Also, he’s been putting stickers on the Intercontinental Title for each day of his reign. Clearly, The Miz has too much free time.

#AnotherDayAnotherNotch #Day34MizICTitleReunionTour #MizParticipationAward #ThatIsAll

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Stephen Randle

Stephen Randle

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