WATCH: The ‘Burning Hammer’ Makes An Appearance On WWE TV

This is your weekly reminder that if you have the WWE Network and aren’t watching the Cruiserweight Classic, you are missing one of the best wrestling programs in the world right now. Case in point, the main event match this week featured tournament favorite Kota Ibushi facing off with former WWE Superstar THE Brian Kendrick, now 37 and looking at his last opportunity to make a statement on a relatively big stage. During the match, a desperate Kendrick broke out everything in his arsenal to try and take down Ibushi, including one of the most infamous moves in pro wrestling history, the Burning Hammer.

For a little background, the Burning Hammer is the trademark finisher of one of the biggest stars in Japanese wrestling history, Kenta Kobashi. It’s also so incredibly dangerous that he only ever performed the move seven times in his entire career. Seven times in a nearly twenty-five-year career. That’s it. No one has ever kicked out of this move before, for obvious reasons. It is also, quite understandably, on the unofficial list of banned moves in WWE, although those rules have kind of gone out the window in the CWC, several times. Here, take a look.


Unsurprisingly, Kendrick lost the match to Ibushi, because someone who survives a Burning Hammer is clearly invincible.

Stephen Randle

Stephen Randle

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