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WATCH: Seth Rollins Responds To Conor McGregor On ESPN’s ‘First Take’

Seth Rollins, one of two men who will be fighting for the chance to become the first WWE Universal Champion this weekend at SummerSlam, did some promotional work as part of WWE’s ongoing partnership with ESPN today. Rollins was a special guest on ‘First Take’, and inevitably, he was asked about the inflammatory remarks made by UFC fighter Conor McGregor in regards to pro wrestlers. To his credit, Rollins rolled with the punches and remained remarkably diplomatic, talking about the respect normally held between pro wrestlers and MMA fighters, about how much pressure McGregor must be under to perform at UFC 202, and generally coming across as a reasonable individual. Which is more than we can say for Stephen A. Smith during the same segment, unfortunately. That man certainly must love Goldberg, is all we can say.

Stephen Randle

Stephen Randle

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