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WATCH: Miz Tears Into Daniel Bryan On ‘Talking Smack’

While Intercontinental Champion The Miz didn’t wrestle on Smackdown Live! last night, he made waves in a completely different way after the show. During the new WWE Network post-show Talking Smack, The Miz got into a vicious argument with Smackdown GM Daniel Bryan after he was told he “wrestled like a coward”. Miz accused Bryan of breaking a promise he made to the fans to return from his injuries to compete for the Intercontinental Title, and told Bryan that if he didn’t like it, to quit and “go wrestle in bingo halls”. A visibly shaken Bryan then left the set, while Miz continued to shout insults at him.

As always, keep in mind the Golden Rule of professional wrestling, “If it’s on TV, it’s a work”. That said, knowing that Bryan has recently spoke about how he hasn’t fully come to terms with his forced retirement, this is still somewhat uncomfortable to watch.

Stephen Randle

Stephen Randle

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