WATCH: Johnny Gargano #GLORIOUSBOMBs His Own Wedding Reception

Current NXT Superstar and Cruiserweight Classic participant, who should be debuting on Raw as part of the new Cruiserweight division soon, Johnny Gargano, got married this past weekend, to fellow wrestler and (hopefully) almost certain participant in the rumored upcoming Women’s tournament, Candice LeRae, while a bevy of wrestlers looked on. Plus, they tied the knot at actual Disneyland, which is a pretty great idea if you can swing it. Anyway, you may also recall Gargano and his #DIY tag team partner Tomasso Ciampa for their creation of the greatest meme to sweep the entire Internet, the #GLORIOUSBOMB. Well, it turns out that Gargano and Ciampa couldn’t resist taking the opportunity to make just one more #GLORIOUSBOMB, which then turns into something that can only be described as…well, you know what word we want to use.

Stephen Randle

Stephen Randle

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