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WATCH: Fan Attacks Alberto Del Rio At Live Event

WWE United States Champion Alberto Del Rio was in Puerto Rico this past weekend, fulfilling an obligation he’d agreed to while he was not a part of WWE, with wrestling organization World Wrestling Council (which is owned and operated by WWE Hall of Famer Carlos Colon). During his match, Del Rio briefly rolled outside the ring and was shockingly attacked by a fan at ringside, who reached over the barrier and began throwing forearms at Del Rio’s unprotected back. Security quickly broke up the fight before it could escalate.

This continues a worrisome recent trend of wrestling fans attempting to get involved with wrestlers during live events, including Roman Reigns being hit in the head by a replica Money in the Bank briefcase that was thrown into the ring from the crowd, a fan walking behind Seth Rollins when he entered a match on Raw, and Dean Ambrose nearly being jumped from behind on the ramp during a Smackdown taping.

You can see footage of the incident involving Alberto Del Rio right here:

Stephen Randle

Stephen Randle

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