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WATCH: Edge and Lana Star In WWE Studios/Lionsgate Film ‘Interrogation’

The trailer for the newest offering from WWE Studios and Lionsgate is now available, and no, it’s not another Marine movie (although the fifth one of those just wrapped up filming). This time, it’s two WWE Superstars who have actually been in real Hollywood productions, as Edge (Haven, The Flash) and Lana (Pitch Perfect 2) join forces as cops trying to solve a mystery before a criminal can blow up Las Vegas, in Interrogation. The trailer features everything we’ve come to expect from WWE Studios’ direct-to-Blu Ray offerings: stilted dialogue, jump cuts, a laughable grasp of modern technology, and lots of explosions, but that doesn’t mean the movie won’t be at least perversely entertaining. If it helps, try thinking of the irony of a Canadian and a woman who plays a Russian on WWE TV trying to save America.

No word on if this movie will include a scene containing Rusev with a gun, but given that it’s the best thing to appear in a WWE Studios film ever, we’d like to assume that it will.

Stephen Randle

Stephen Randle

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