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WATCH: Daniel Bryan Tells ESPN He Wanted To Punch Miz In The Mouth

Former WWE World Heavyweight Champion and Smackdown Live! General Manager Daniel Bryan joined ESPN for one of their weekly interview segments, and the topic was, of course, the promo The Miz cut on last week’s Talking Smack (the Smackdown post-game show which airs on the WWE Network) where, among other things, Miz took issue with Bryan saying he “wrestles like a coward” and calling Bryan more of a coward because he hasn’t gone back to wrestling in bingo halls after WWE forced him to stop.

In the interview, Bryan revealed that neither he nor Miz knew exactly what the content of the interview was going to be, but that they’re both adept at pushing each other’s buttons due to being close for many years, which resulted in the blow-up we saw on-screen. Bryan even suggests that he considered punching Miz in the mouth, because everyone would have assumed it was scripted. The Coach’s interviews with WWE Superstars are usually an insightful peek behind the curtain, and this one is no different!

Stephen Randle

Stephen Randle

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