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Undertaker Removed From All Scheduled Appearances Source:

Weeks after competing at WrestleMania 32, The Undertaker has been removed from all the appearances he was scheduled for on WWE’s European tour, which begins this week. The Undertaker was originally advertised for several big shows in the UK, but has reportedly been replaced in his announced matches by Kane. WWE always makes sure to note that all cards are subject to change, but given that it’s likely at least a few tickets were sold based on the promise of the rare presence of the Dead Man, some people are almost certainly going to be disappointed.

This will also likely fuel speculation which began after WrestleMania that The Undertaker may have been telling people that he had wrestled his last match. He has said it before in past years, and it’s likely that WWE would try and convince him to wrestle at least once more in a heavily advertised retirement match, but removing him from advertised appearance would seem to suggest that there is more truth to that story than initially believed.

Stephen Randle

Stephen Randle

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