This Random Fan Racing Against “The Freeze” is the Best Baseball Highlight of the Season

Baseball games are long. So long, in fact, that pretty much every stadium in MLB has fun little games, contests, and fan interactions between innings designed to hold everyone’s interest. Our new favorite, though, is the “Beat The Freeze” contest that goes down in the outfield during Atlanta Braves home games.

The premise is a simple. One random fan is chosen to race against The Freeze (a guy in a blue superhero suit), running along the warning track from one foul pole to the other. The gimmick is that the random fan gets about a 200-feet headstart.

Just watch this schmuck, who ever-so-briefly believes he has done the impossible and beaten The Freeze, only to suddenly realize his entire life is a lie. It’s glorious.

The best part is when the crowd starts to cheer. Random fan dude thinks they are cheering for him, but they are really cheering for The Freeze, who is mounting an epic (yet expected) comeback. Then Random Fan Dude faceplants magnificently and watches his opponent break through the finish line.

I can only assume the conversation afterwards went something like this:

On an unrelated note, is the superhero business so bad that Frozone from The Incredibles needs to moonlight at Braves games?

Via Pixar/Disney
Devon Taylor (@DevonTaylor113)

Devon Taylor (@DevonTaylor113)

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