The WWE Paid Triple H More Money Than Vince McMahon in 2016

Apparently marrying the boss’s daughter really does pay off.

At this point, everyone pretty much assumes that Triple H is going to take over the day-to-day running of the WWE when Vince McMahon finally decides to retire (or more likely, when he passes away). He is, after all, married to Vince’s daughter Stephanie and oversees a lot of projects in the WWE Universe, like the NXT development brand, the Cruiserweight Classic, and the U.K. Championship tournament. Plus his on-going role as a character on television, currently feuding with Seth Rollins. And according to recent documents the WWE filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), Triple H actually earned more money than the CEO did in 2016.

Here’s the breakdown:

Vince McMahon

Salary: $1,313,462
Stock Awards: $0
Non-equity incentive plan compensation: $1,739,063
All other compensation: $19,075
Total: $3,071,600

Triple H

Salary: $601,933
Stock awards: $499,992
Non-equity incentive plan compensation: $419,531
All other compensation: $2,471,961
Total: $3,993,417

The big difference is on the “All other compensation” category, which likely is where Triple H collects an extra paycheck for appearing on-screen and wrestling the occasional match. Of course, ol’ Vinny Mac has been making millions for decades, so he’s probably not too worried about the income disparity.

Even more interesting is that three other WWE employees actually made even more than either Triple H or Vince. Kevin Dunn, the Executive Producer of WWE television shows, made a total of $4.6 million. Michelle D. Wilson, the Chief Revenue & Marketing Officer, earned $4.3 million. And the Chief Strategy & Financial Officer, George A. Barrios, also collected $4.3 million in his role helping run the biggest wrestling company on the planet.

Devon Taylor (@DevonTaylor113)

Devon Taylor (@DevonTaylor113)

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