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If you’ve been a big fan of wrestling, or have even seen it on TV even a few times, you know that many of the athletes have very creative and “interesting” uniforms, while others surprise you with why they have chosen THAT as their ring attire.

But if you are a fan, you know that sometimes a wrestler’s in-ring attire has as much to do with their character as the way they act or the promos they cut. You can normally tell a lot about a wrestler’s character, antics and persona based off of what they wear. And it’s not often even up to them what the uniform looks like, as the creative team has a large say in the characters and direction of the certain wrestlers.

The criteria for the “worst” ring attires will vary from person to person, but in our eyes the worst attire can range from tights that are too small to feather boots, as well as any clothing that is ill-fitting or just downright strange. Check out our top 10!

10. Kevin Owens

Kevin Owens is a fairly new superstar on the main roster, but is already one of the bigger up and comers in the WWE and the current Intercontinental Champion. His recent feud with John Cena has produced multiple five star matches and has stolen the show in a variety of pay per view and televised events. But Owens’ ring attire makes it hard to take him very seriously in the ring. We don’t know how they landed on basketball shorts, an oversized sleeveless shirt and shiny high wrestling boots, but it’s not a good look. He is a menacing force and a tough out for anyone, but he should have gear that matches his in-ring abilities. Source:

9. Roman Reigns

Despite several failures, Roman Reigns is still seen as a future face of the company, and has been a staple in the main event picture for a while. He was also a member of one of the best and most popular stables in WWE history in The Shield with Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose. Since the stable disbanded, both Rollins and Ambrose have ditched The Shield gear and moved on to new looks and personas, while Reigns still insists on donning the same old bulletproof vest every night. It fits his character, and looks really badass, but unless The Shield is making a return in the near future (which they’re not), we think it’s time for Reigns to find his own look. Source:

8. Tyler Breeze

Breeze has been with the WWE for years now and went been through a couple of gimmicks in developmental, before finally hitting on a character that got him onto the main roster. Originally, he made his debut as Mike Dalton, a rather generic character who didn’t quite catch on with the fans. When he realized this, he debuted his new character, which is essentially a narcissistic model who is obsessed with himself and taking selfies with an obnoxiously fuzzy selfie stick. The character is over with the fans, but his attire is truly awful with feathered tights and vest to match. But it does match the gimmick he’s playing, so if fans are supporting him in this role, I doubt we will see a change anytime soon. Source:

7. Big E

Big E is one of the most physically imposing and strong figures in the WWE today, and is arguably one of the strongest in history. His current gimmick with the New Day is resonating very well among the fans and he seems to finally have found his spot in the WWE. But the one thing that isn’t working for us is his in-ring attire. No, we’re actually okay with the pink and baby blue color palette, but that singlet he wears is much too small and much too tight for a man of his size and stature; he is pouring out of that thing and he definitely could benefit from a slightly bigger size or just altogether different attire. Source:

6. Dean Ambrose

There is just something about Dean Ambrose’s current ring attire that makes it awful. Maybe we’re just not a fan of wrestling in jeans and a sleeveless shirt, because it seems lazy. I’m sure they could have come up with a more thoughtful or creative approach to his character. The “poor white trash” look been overused for years by numerous WWE superstars, and we feel a fresh and over character like Ambrose deserves something different that he can call his own. We’ll admit that it fits his character and the “Lunatic Fringe” moniker, but that doesn’t make the ring attire any better to look at. Source:

5. Dolph Ziggler

Dolph Ziggler has been a mainstay on the WWE roster for years and has been a main eventer before, and he always seems to be debuting new and colorful ring attire every time we turn around. For a while it was just different color shirts, like eye-searing pink, or yellow, or bright blue. But recently Ziggler has donned leather or jean jackets and darker tights, making him look more like an ’80s hair metal groupie than a working WWE Superstar. Also, what’s up with that guy’s hair? Thanks to years of messing with dyes, it looks just like limp ramen noodles. Needless to say, he could use a makeover.×300.jpg Source:

4. Natalya

The female contingent of the Hart Family wrestling dynasty might be one of the most talented Superstars inside the ring, but her choice of wrestling attire leaves much to be desired. While no one would ever question Nattie adopting the “Pink and Black Attack” of her father and uncle, she often combines it into gear that screams less “competent athlete” and more “wrestling dominatrix”. We can’t imagine it’s comfortable, and in an era where women’s wrestling is finally starting to be taken seriously by the fans, her outfits, rife with full-body leather and “peek-a-boo” chest panels, is hopelessly stuck in a past generation where Divas were judged mostly on looks, a sad era best left in the past Source:

3. Luke Harper

Luke Harper is one of the most frightening and imposing figures in the WWE today, no doubt about it. He and his family, The Wyatt Family, are one of the best current stables in the WWE and we wouldn’t be surprised to see them dominate at some point in the foreseeable future. While his attire fits his current character in persona in the ring, much like we talked about with Ambrose, it is just a bad and disgusting look. The sweat-stained tank top combo with the baggy dirty jeans never fails to gross out its fair share of the WWE Universe. We won’t see a change as it fits his character, but boy is it nasty to look at. Source:

2. Sheamus

Sheamus has been through numerous different looks, both in terms of his actual gear and his hair, but his current look has to be the worst of his career. The former WWE World Heavyweight Champion’s actual trunks and other clothing is very similar to the Sheamus of the past, but there is one glaring difference that makes his current attire awful: his hair and beard. We don’t know who thought it was a good idea to give him an old grunge era Mohawk and put beads and braids in his beard, but that is a question that has tons of fans scratching their heads in confusion. On the bright side, he’s recently combed out the beads, but the ridiculous ‘hawk remains. Source:

1. Chris Jericho

Listen, Chris Jericho has been a great heel in his most recent incarnation, but even when he initially returned as a face, there were two things about his new choice of attire that just continues to bother us. First of all, Chris, you’re still in reasonably good shape, but if you’re going to keep wearing vests and jackets, you need to put a shirt on underneath, because it just looks weird and wrong and needs to stop. The second and probably more important one is his continued insistence on wearing ridiculous scarves, which seems like they’ve gotten thinner and thinner the longer he sticks around, to the point that we’re just waiting for the night where he walks out with just a piece of colored yarn around his neck. Of course, Jericho is a smart guy, and totally knows that his stupid look is annoying people, which is why he’s going to keep doing it forever. Well played, Chris. Source:

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